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The noticeboard.
Wanted in Ark!
Quest Giver: Ark's Noticeboard
Location(s): Multiple
Rewards: Pennies, EP
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  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Read the contracts at the noticeboard to receive bounty missions.
  • Quest-Difficulty-2.png Hunt wild mage Bertulus the Ripper down.
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Receive Bertulus' bounty.
  • Quest-Difficulty-2.png Hunt the gone mad guard called "The Strangler" down and kill him to receive his bounty.
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Receive the bounty for "The Strangler".
  • Quest-Difficulty-2.png Hunt the wild mage Ora Millendance down.
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Receive Ora's bounty.
  • Quest-Difficulty-3.png Kill PakPak.
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Receive PakPak's bounty.
  • Quest-Difficulty-3.png Kill Captain Plumb again.
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Receive Captain Plumb's bounty.
  • Quest-Difficulty-4.png Kill Sixhoof.
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Receive Sixhoof's bounty.
  • Quest-Difficulty-4.png Eliminate Gagantua.
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Receive Gagantua's bounty.
  • Quest-Difficulty-4.png Find Poldir and kill him.
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Receive Poldir's bounty.
  • Quest-Difficulty-4.png Kill Ralaf Crocco.
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Receive Ralaf Crocco's bounty.

Bertulus the Ripper

EN-NPC-BertulusTheRipper2.png "The pathless one Bertulus the Ripper is wanted for glimmerdust trafficking and sacrilege. He seems to be able to hold his drink, is a wild mage and is most likely hiding in the wild mages' hideout in the Heartland. He is said to be extremely dangerous so proceed with caution. I have to kill him for his bounty."

Location: Rock Shelter
Reward: 170 Pennies, 300 EP
Difficulty: Quest-Difficulty-2.png


Enter the Rock Shelter west of Ark. There are a few runaway prisoners. One wild mage at a table. Up a set of steps are two wild mages. Through a locked lattice door, Bertulus is behind an Expert locked door, so a high lockpick skill is needed to loot that area once he is slain. He can be killed through the door and the bounty turned in however. If your lockpick skill isn't high enough, you can just fight your way through the cave, kill the mages and prisoners along the way, and then kill Bertulus. In the final room is also a mage, which will need to be killed for you to be able to loot everything in the room.

The dungeon has a back exit you can access via a ladder.

Maulus Pawdance, "The Strangler"

Pawdance.jpg "Maulus was a stowaway who hid himself in a ship from Nehrim. He was discovered in the harbor, overwhelmed the captain of the ship and killed three recruits of the city guards on his way through the city, only to hole up in the Undercity. I have to kill him to receive the bounty."

Location: Undercity, Old Waterworks
Reward: 200 Pennies, 400 EP
Difficulty: Quest-Difficulty-2.png


There's a shortcut for this quest: Leave the Markerplace trough Noble Quarters gate, go to in the place described on picture and enter Old Waterworks back door. There you will encounter three Highwayman, Wild-Mage and "The Strangler" himself. Pawdance is equipped with a Fine Leather set of Cuirass, Boots and Arm protectors and also wears two Steel Axes. If you were in the room before and killed the Highwaymen and Wild Mage, only Pawdance and another Highwayman will spawn after you accept the quest and enter the Old Waterworks.

Ora Millendance

Ora-Milledance.jpg "Ora Millendance is a rustler who most likely is hiding near the old lighthouse at the Farmers Coast. She was seen while stealing cattle and sacrificing it at several nights. Attention: Wild magical skills should be expected!"

Location: Farmers Coast, Abandoned Lighthouse
Reward: 250 pennies, 500 EP
Difficulty: Quest-Difficulty-3.png


Use Teleport/Myrad to Farmers Coast,run down the mountaint and enter the Abandoned Lighthouse go upstairs and you will encount Ora Millendance herself.

Pak Pak

SureaiLogo2016.png "PakPak wanted! According to some rumors a troll named "Pak Pak" currently inhabits the Grimlight Gallery. The bounty contract says that it was breeded by some renegade apothecarii, who plan to set him on the Endralean farmers. There is a bounty on PakPak's head!"

Location: Grimlight Gallery
Reward: 300 pennies, 600 EP
Difficulty: Quest-Difficulty-3.png

Walkthrough Kill Pak Pak

Captain Plumb

SureaiLogo2016.png "One year ago a marauder band led by Captain Plumb landed at Enderal's coast and raided the Ice Breaker Station. In the fight all workers of the station and Captain Plumb died. Rumor has it that Captain Plumb has risen as wiedergaenger and is on the way to his ship. There is a bounty issued for his second death."

Location: North of Old Kingwatch
Reward: 380 pennies, 700 EP
Difficulty: Quest-Difficulty-3.png

Walkthrough Kill Captain Plumb


SureaiLogo2016.png "The vatyr "Sixhoof" is hiding in the Dark Valley. It is an especially evil and cunning vatyr, which attacks travelers on their way to the Frostcliff Tavern time and again. There is a bounty issued for its death."

Location: Vatyr's Lair
Reward: 470 pennies, 800 EP
Difficulty: Quest-Difficulty-4.png

Walkthrough Kill Sixhoof


EN-NPC-Gagantua2.png "The wild mage Gagantua is hiding at a slope of the Frostcliff Mountains. She is devoted to "elemental summoning" and a former pupil of Firespark. There are 570 Endralean pennies issued for her death."

Location: Wild Mage Camp
Reward: 570 Pennies, 900 EP
Difficulty: Quest-Difficulty-4.png


Follow the road on the right side next to the Frostcliff Tavern. On the left side of the Road you can find the Wild Mage Camp. You will encounter Gagantua, two wild mages and several summoned creatures.


EN-NPC-Poldir2.png "The necromancer Poldir is hiding in the "Hermit Cave" at the Goldenforst's coast. According to several witness reports of city dwellers he stole corpses of Ark's graveyard."

Location: Hermit Cave
Reward: 790 Pennies, 1000 EP
Difficulty: Quest-Difficulty-2.png

Hermit Cave Magical Symbol.jpg


At the north coast of the Goldenforst is the Hermit Cave where you can find Poldir. He is accompanied by a Fire Elemental and two Wild Mages. There is a well behind the small room with his bed and in it is a Magical Symbol.

Ralaf Crocco

SureaiLogo2016.png "Ralaf Crocco is a brigand leader who is infamous in Enderal since 8230 a. St.. His brigands currently lay siege to most big trade routes of Enderal, and the Order has yet to crush them - until now! Rumor has it that Ralaf Crocco was seen in the Tarpit in the Undercity! There are 960 Endralean pennies issued for his death."

Location: Undercity Tarpit
Reward: 860 Pennies, 1100 EP
Difficulty: Quest-Difficulty-4.png

Walkthrough Kill Ralaf Crocco