Enderal:Wanted in Duneville!

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Wanted in Duneville!
Quest Giver: Duneville Notice Board
Location(s): Various
Rewards: Pennies & EP


Duneville Noticeboard
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Read the contracts at the noticeboard to receive bounty missions
  • Quest-Difficulty-3.png Kill Sister Cedea
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Receive the bounty for Sister Cedea
  • Quest-Difficulty-4.png Kill the Manhunter
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Receive the bounty for the Manhunter
  • Quest-Difficulty-4.png Kill Y'gnrok
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Receive the bounty for Y'gnrok

Sister Cedea

Gravesister Cedea "Wanted is a women named "Gravesister Cedea" who is said to be under the influence of the Red Madness. She was the former graveyard keeper in Duneville's vault whose behavior changed drastically in the last few moons. She is accused of desecration of corpses in multiple cases and of the murder of a miner. There is a bounty of 300 pennies for her head."

Location: Duneville's Crypt (unmarked location, east of Duneville's Myrad Tower)
Reward: 300 Pennies, 700 EP
Difficulty: Quest-Difficulty-3.png


Leave Duneville through the top exit and walk south east, passing Duneville's Myrad Tower to reach the graveyard. The entry to the crypt is a door on the east wall.
Once entered, follow the stairs to your left to reach a bigger room with an Ancient Spirit, 5 Conjured Guards and an Awoken Lost One.
At the end of the room you will find a crossroad. To your left is the boss, to your right is a Lord of the Lost Ones.
Loot info:

  • Boss: Cloak of Twilight, Endralean Penny Coin(s) (15), Sapphire, Shoes, Spell Tome: Mesmerice (Rank II), Staff of Ice Spikes
    • Cloak of Twilight: Armor 0, Weight 1, Value 493, Effect: Increases Health, Mana and damage of your summoned creatures and apparitions by 33 percent. Increases Entropy by 11 points. Increases Light Magic by 11. Raises Entchaning [sic] by 11.
  • Lord of the Lost Ones: Commander Greatsword (Damage 56, Weight 20, Value 380, Effect: Absorb 4 Stamina), (Set of Selna) Selna's Ventail
  • Follow the corridor with the Lord of the Lost Ones to find: (Set of the Tracker) Face of the Tracker


The Manhunter "This request refers to the termination of a grotesque Lost One which is making trouble on the strands of Enderals east coast. More than half a dozen plantation workers were killed by this creature, hence it was named "The Manhunter". There is a bounty on its head of 400 pennies."

Location: East of Duneville's Supply Ship
Reward: 400 Pennies, 1000 EP
Difficulty: Quest-Difficulty-4.png


The boss is standing on the beach between Duneville's Supply Ship and Aurora's tower (from the Quest Cuthbert's Legacy). There are no other enemies around (except wildlife).
Loot: Bloodstained Warhammer (Damage: 49, Weight 31, Value 363, Effects: None)


Y'Gnrok "This request asks the elimination of a wild myrad which attacked and destroyed some supply ships the last few moons. The population thinks it is the reincarnation of a legendary predator named Y'Gnarok. Fullfilling [sic] this contract yeilds [sic] a reward of 500 pennies."

Location: Flies around The Hollow Hand
Reward: 500 Pennies, 1300 EP
Difficulty: Quest-Difficulty-4.png


Fighting against a Myrad is like fighting a dragon in Skyrim.
He is constantly flying around, trying to ram you while flying through the ground and walls. His ranged attack is a big ball of Entropy.
He will also occasionally float in the air in order to shoot at you or land on the ground for melee attacks.
At ~33% HP he will stagger, aborting his current action and fly to a suitable location for a "crash landing". From that point on, he will remain on the ground.
Killing it awards 1500 EP.
Loot: Spell Tome: Cannonade (Mythical), Mighty Myrad Bone, Human Flesh (4), Endralean Penny Coin(s) (43), Bloody Skull, Bloody Ribs, Bloody Leg Bone (2), Bloody Arm Bone (2)