Enderal:Wanted in Riverville!

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Wanted in Riverville!
Quest Giver: Riverville Notice Board
Location(s): Various
Rewards: Pennies & EP


  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Read the contracts at the noticeboard to receive bounty missions
  • Quest-Difficulty-1.png Kill Redrick Borecut
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Receive Redrick Borecut's bounty.
  • Quest-Difficulty-1.png Exterminate the leader of the trolls in the Shimmering Mine [sic]
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Receive the bounty for the extermination of the troll.
  • Quest-Difficulty-2.png Find and kill the murdered Paylas Nay'Yarim
  • Quest-Difficulty-0.png Receive the bounty for Paylas Nay'Yarim [sic]'s death

Journal Entries

I heard of a dangerous but profitable way to earn some money. Ark's guard searched for bounty hunters who support them by capturing criminals - the bounty missions are posted on noticeboard [sic] in Ark and Riverville.
Redrick - Initial
Redrick Borecut, who committed multiple cases of robbery and fraud, hid himself in a cave close to Riverville. I have to defeat him if I want the bounty.
Redrick - Death
Redrick Borenblow [sic] is dead. Now I can receive the bounty.
Redrick - After Reward
I received the described bounty. There are new missions available at the noticeboard.
Mugmug - Initial
A herd of trolls was sighted in the Shimmering Grove near Riverville. The herd is led by a white troll.
Mugmug - Death
The white troll in the Shimmering Grove is dead.
Mugmug - After Reward
New bounty missions are available at the noticeboard.
Pyalas - Initial
The Qyranian smuggler Pyalas Nay'Darim committed holdup murder in Ark's harbor. He is suspected to be near Riverville.
Pyalas - Death
Paylas Nay'Yarim [sic] is dead.

Redrick Borecut

Redrick Borecut. "The pathless one Redrick Borenstone [sic] is wanted for multiple frauds and aggravated robbery. He is sturdy, has blue eyes and a blonde beard. He is said to be extremely dangerous so proceed with caution. there are 180 Endralean pennies issued for his death."

Location: Ruined Cellar
Reward: 180 Pennies, 150 EP
Difficulty: Quest-Difficulty-1.png

Walkthrough Kill Redrick Borecut


Mugmug. "Caution! In the Shimmering Mine [sic] near Riverville a herd of trolls has been sighted. The herd is led by a white troll. A reward of 200 pennies will be paid to the path-abiding soul who verifiably tends to his death."

Location: Shimmering Grove
Reward: 200 Pennies, 200 EP
Difficulty: Quest-Difficulty-1.png


The quest is really straightforward. Once you enter Shimmering Grove, go straight through the tunnels and turn right into the nearby room. The white troll, Mugmug, will be lurking in the darkness. When you have finally defeated Mugmug, your quest log will update and you will be asked to receive the bounty for the quest.

Pyalas Nay'Darim

Pyalas Nay'Darim. "Pyalas Nay'Darim, Qyranian origin, black braided beard and sturdy build, is wanted for robbery-cum-murder [sic] in Ark's harbor. It is presumed to stay near the village Riverville. He is said to be extremely dangerous and most likely is heavily armed. There are 240 Endralean pennies issued for his death."

Location: Pirate Hideout
Reward: 240 Pennies, 250 EP
Difficulty: Quest-Difficulty-2.png


To find the entrance to the hideout you need to follow down the railroad from the Ore Terminal until you come across a picturesque waterfall. Turn right at the waterfall and you will step into the pirate's lair. Delving deeper into the hideout, you will be attacked by the notorious pirate Pyalas himself. Kill Pyalas Nay'Darim and your quest log will update telling you that you have completed your task.


  • Redrick Borecut is called "Redrik Borenstone" by the Noticeboard info and "Redrick Borenblow" by the post-death journal entry.
  • Shimmering Grove is called "Shimmering Mine" by the Noticeboard info and the quest objective.
  • Pyalas Nay'Darim is called "Paylas Nay'Yarim" by the quest objectives and post-death journal entry.