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Yerai Dal'Terrowin
Race Starling Gender Male
Path - Job
Essential Form ID
Location Ark, Yerai's House
EN-Places-Yerai's House2.jpg
Level Health
Magicka Stamina
“We will rebuild it!”
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Yerai Dal'Terrowin is a starling living in Ark's Noble Quarters.

When entering Yerai's House for the first time, you will find yourself striking up a conversation with a Starling man, Yerai, who will impart his intention of building his centurion perfectly clear. According to Yerai, this centurion, Horst, is going to be his new, everlasting body, and in Horst he will be able to maintain his (Yerai's) soul and consciousness. The Starling strongly believes that Horst's body will ensure his eternity. The process that Yerai refers to is called "Apotheosis", and it is about ascending to something higher by overcoming our earthly existence and our physical body made of expendable flesh.



Pickpocketed Items


  • Yerai's notes about looking for someone to assist him in his quest are pinned to some of the walls around Ark.
Yerai's Notice