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Naming Images

The standard naming format for all images is: <Game>-<Category>-<name>.jpg . For additional images of the same subject, numerals should be added to the file names. (No need for "01". The first - or the only - image is always the one without a number.)

Please don't use camelCase as it makes the names harder to read. The Wiki software handles spaces just fine.

Examples (EN is the prefix for Enderal images):

  • EN-place-Ark.jpg
  • EN-place-Ark 02.jpg
  • EN-place-Ark 03.jpg
  • EN-quest-Shards Of The Past.jpg
  • EN-quest-Shards Of The Past 02.jpg
  • EN-quest-Shards Of The Past 03.jpg
  • EN-quest-Shards Of The Past 04.jpg

Taking Screenshots

  • Do not include your chracter in the screenshots and do not have your weapon/hands drawn. Images should be neutral and objective, representing what all players can encounter in the game. However, if you want to feature your own character, you can create user screenshots (naming standard: User-Username-Subject.jpg) and present them on your userpage.
  • Turn off the user interface (crosshair, menu bars) by typing tm in the console. You can find a lot of helpful console commands for taking screenshots here.
    • Note: the tm command will toggle off ALL menus, including the console menu itself! After you have typed 'tm' and pressed ENTER, your console is still open but you cannot see it! Press ^ (or ~) again to close it. When you wish to toggle menus on again, press ^ (or ~) to open the console. You will not see the console yet, but the game action will pause. Now type tm and press ENTER. Also, on some systems the first letter is not recognized by the console, so it might be necessary to type ttm instead of tm because the Computer just ignores the first t.