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Only with a comprehensive selection articles can the SureAI wiki becomes a proper encyclopedia. Wikis can only be filled and improved when users like you create and act bravely. As long as all users are polite and friendly to each other, our goal is already within reach. The SureAI Wiki works only when people are brave. Let's make this or that change, correct spelling mistakes, add new aspects of a topic, improve and simplify language and syntax, etc.

All pages are open to change, and can be improved quickly and easily. But you also need to be open to changes on your own content, because this is the only way to improve our Wiki. Remember: you might not always know all aspects of a topic. A neutral and open point of view is required by all users.

The only exception to this mindset is on Discussion Pages. Comments made by others are never to be changed, as these contain personal statements.

Radical changes to pages, such as a revamp in formatting or a new category system, should always be addressed on the relevant discussion pages beforehand. Permanently deleting something here is night impossible, since all changes are saved and can be quickly undone in case of problems. So you do not need to be afraid to make improvements in texts. If someone has written some meaningless, humorous, or nonsense page, help fix it! Correct or replace the article, or suggest it to be deleted in extreme cases.

You will find everything you need to edit and create the most varied content on the help section.