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Bob Bobson McBob
(Ref ID: 00D3ADB33F)
Race Endralean Gender Male
Path Erudite Job Banker
Essential No Form ID 00AABB1234
Location McBob Estate, Enderal:Ark
EN-NPC-Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal.png
Level 1 Health 100
Magicka 500 Stamina 100

Bob Bobson McBob is a banker in Ark. He's the son of Bob Bobby McBob, and comes from a great line of bankers. He lives on the McBob Estate, and is the only surviving member of the McBob family.


Bob seems to be a very energetic person, as he ushers The Prophet to come check his "great mortgage prices" whenever they walk by. He also seems to take pride in his work and in his legacy, as he talks highly about his family line when asked about it. Through letters found in his estate, it's possible to discover that Bob is a hopeless romantic, who has failed to maintain any significant relationship in the past years. This, together with the great pride he has in his legacy, seems to trouble him, as he worries that his long heritage of bankers will end with him.


Bob wakes up and goes to work in Ark every day except Morndas, at 10 AM. On Morndas, he goes to the Market Square and browses the items there instead. At 6 PM he goes to the Dancing Nomad to eat for an hour. After eating, at 7 PM, he goes back to the McBob estate and relaxes there until 9 PM, when he goes to sleep.

Pickpocketed Items

  • Key to the McBob Estate
  • 2 Gold Bars
  • 500 Pennies
  • McBob Family Amulet (After Act III of the Main Quest)
  • A Random health potion


  • Like every other citizen NPC, you won't be able to talk with Bob during the Act IX of the main quest.