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On the SureAI Wiki, namespaces are used to organize pages.

All articles related to the game Enderal are in the [[Enderal:]] namespace, for example.

Please do not create articles in the main namespace; place them into the respective namespace. For example, if you want to create a page for Duneville, please create [[Enderal:Duneville]] instead of [[Duneville]].

Hiding Namespace in links

The namespace inside a link can be hidden with this following format: [[Enderal:Sun Coast|]]. The | is known as a pipe, and is necessary at the end of this format to hide the namespace. Please note that the namespace should only be hidden when appropriate.

Appropriate to hide Namespace examples

An appropriate example in which to hide the namespace is when writing an article obviously specific to it.

[[Enderal:Sun Coast|]]

[[Enderal:Secrets of the Can|]]

Appropriate to show Namespace examples

Articles that refer to very broad or fairly obscure subjects should not have the namespace hidden.