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Arazeal is a very dry continent located in the southeast of Vyn. Large parts of the country consist of stone and sand deserts. The capital of Arazeal is Xarmonar.


Arazeal lies south of Qyra. The continent consists mainly of steppes and stone deserts.

Physiology and Culture

The Arazealeans are both large and lithe people. They have light hair and very light skin. The Arazealeans are divided into the "Free" and the "Civilized" People. The Free People live as nomads in the tundra and in the sandy mountains, whereas the Civilized People live in settlements and cities along the coast. Officially, the Light-Born Irlanda was worshipped in all Arazeal, but, in point of fact, this is done only in the settlements and cities of the Civilized People. The Free People, however, mostly pay homage to their native nature gods. The Civilized People live largely from the extraction of Shadow Steel, which is mined in large quantities in the coastal mountains. They are considered loyal and obedient to authority, and place the group above the individual. On several occasions, Irlanda made radical attempts to force the Free People to change their faith, all of which failed and earned her the nickname of the "Bloody Goddess" among those who resented her attempts at imposition. Even today, there is a conflict in Arazeal between the Civilized and the Free People, which often leads to acts of communal violence.

The Endraleans' View of the Arazealeans

The Endraleans are largely neutral towards the Civilized Arazealeans. They value them for their valuable Shadow Steel and regard them as reliable, albeit unemotional, trading partners. The Free People, on the other hand, are condemned by the Holy Order for their heresy, even though the Endraleans hardly take part in this conflict because of their distance.

Role in Recent Events

One year after the death of the Light-Born, the longstanding conflict between the Free and Civilized People came to a head, when the Free People burnt down several villages and finally took the capital of the country. Half a year later, they declared war on Qyra in a campaign to bring down the Golden Queen, whom they view as the last puppet of the Light-Born.

Naming Conventions

Arazealean (specifically, Civilized) names are short and rarely more than two syllables. But they almost always have a second first name. Male names often, but not always, end in -yk; female names usually end in -yke. The surnames indicate the social class to which they belong. Vi = "The Lowly"; Yo = "Craftsman"; Zel = "Wealthy"; Tis = "Priest"
Examples: Riyk Yol Vi, Asha He Tis