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Qyra is a continent of the civilized world. It is located between the continents Nehrim and Enderal in the middle of the Red Sea

Geography and Climate

Qyra lies east of Nehrim and is the largest continent on Vyn. Most of it is covered with barren desert, except for the tropical regions along coasts and rivers. In the center of the desert, there is a monolith-like rock formation called Asâtoron's Spears.

The capital of the country is Al-Rashim, which is located on the coast. The Syras Islands are located upstream of the capital.

Physiology and Culture

The Qyranians generally have dark skin, broad noses, and curly hair.

They are regarded as an open-minded and exalted people living mostly in coastal cities, the greatest of which is the metropolis Al-Rashim. Qyra was under the reign of the Light-Born Saldrin, whose direct representative for the people is the Golden Queen, who is appointed in an election held every 10 years. Qyranians live in polyamorous family groups called Circles. Several men and women raise children in them, and several generations live under one roof. Qyra, especially Al-Rashim, is considered to be the center of art and culture because, under Saldrin, schools of thought like philosophy were allowed and Saldrin did not try to destroy the original faith of the Qyranians, but to connect it with himself.

The result is a mixture of belief in reincarnation and monotheism, with numerous rituals. The highest goal for a Qyranian is to contribute to society either materially or spiritually. The former is done through work or service for the land. The latter is done through meditation or priesthood. Particularly daring acolytes try to travel to Asâtoron's Spears in the center of the country to meditate there for 777 hours. When he returns, he rises to the rank of a Spirit Dancer and is a sought-after clergyman at courts and in cities.

In Qyra, slavery is illegal and frowned upon.

The Endraleans' View of the Qyranians

The Endraleans opinion of the Qyranians is ambivalent. Some admire them for their distinctive culture and the exoticism that the country radiates, while others find the worship of the Light-Born there too "washed-out" and fake. They take great offense at their polyamorous lifestyle. Many of them call the Qyranians "coal people" or "bed breakers," derogatory terms in reference to their skin color and "promiscuity," respectively.

The Night of a Thousand Fires

Between 8182 and 8190 a. St., there was an underground movement led by a group of intellectuals called the Red Crescent, who tried to overthrow the regime of the Golden Queen and Saldrin. The Red Crescent was known for its violence and carried out several attacks on the Golden Queen's court staff. Since the group could not be apprehended after seven years, a unit of the Order led by Tealor Arantheal was called to Qyra to deal with the matter.

Following anonymous clues, Tealor identified a small coastal village as the Nest of the Red Crescent. Since the village elders denied hiding the rebels, Arantheal suspected it was an ambush and set the town on fire. Hundreds died. It turned out that the Red Crescent had provoked Arantheal to take this action to further incite the population against the Light-Born. This event is called the Night of a Thousand Fires.

Role in Recent Events

Qyra did not withhold the facts of the death of the Light-Born from its populace, which initially caused unrest but quickly subsided. Since then it has been at war with Arazeal.

Naming Conventions

Qyranian names sound exotic and both melodic and hard. They often have apostrophes. The surnames have common prefixes:
Sha' -> the one with: Sha'Rim (The One with Fire), Sha'Rijan (The One with Courage)

Yesh' -> from the house: Yesh'Ol Balar (From the house of Ol'Balar, often with those of higher rank)

Nay' -> from the year of: Nay'Darim (from the Year of the Panther)

Figures of Speech

The best known is the cry "Kirash!", which means "damn". "Sheyri" is a common name for white people. Qyranians also like to greet with "Rena'Shalam", which means "Salvation of the Queen".