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Map of Fallas

Fallas is a kingdom that originally comprised the entire island of Nursill on the continent of Myar. Until the takeover of Queen Tarnry after the war against the Dark Elves it became a protectorate of the Lightborne. After winning the war, the empire officially incorporated the islands Northforge and Kallidar into the kingdom, but in practice the government of Fallas has no power in these areas. It is located northwest of Melee and Arktwend and near Cronnoroth. The capital is Ertorath. At the time of the storyline, Fallas is ruled by Queen Tarnry. The first king and founder of the empire was Falla.


Fallas consists of three islands. The island Northforge used to be cold in the old days, but after Zoras cursed it, the climate on her became so icy that humans could no longer inhabit the island. Only very far to the south at Rolan Castle there are still green spaces. The island Kallidar was once the kingdom of the elves. It was a single, huge forest, but when Zoras conjured the dimension gates, and the demons of Armonaarth roamed the land, it became a desert. Today, only Dark Elves live on Kallidar. Nursill consists mostly of forests. It used to be like this and is still like that. In the south of Nursill, however, the dense forest areas were cleared in some places to make room for the many fields that can be found in the whole of southern Nourill. In the northeast is the large mountains of the Irluan highlands. In this mountain, the great mountain of Fallasir overlooks all of Fallas. In it are the tombs of the ancient kings. Fallas has good relations with the Republic of Cronnoroth.


Until Tarnry's takeover, Fallas, as well as the rest of Myar, worshiped the light-born as gods. But after the war against Zoras, the inhabitants of the empire abandoned their ancient religion and declared themselves independent. After these events, Fallas seems to have developed a new faith, believing in both light and darkness. This cult could be based on the theory of the two Urenergies of light and darkness. Both energies also have a military following. The Paladin Order of the Lightbriger, which is publicly supported and supported by the government, as well as the Black Guard, which acts rather in the dark and does not shrink from the murder of innocent people.

Towns and Vilages


There are many ruins and abandoned fortresses. These were created during the war against the dark elves and demons. Among the most famous are:

Traffic System

In Fallas there are many roads. You can also take the boats to the coastal towns. On Nursill there is a good road network. Between Andamantar and the Irluan highlands a railway operates. On Northforge you can still see the remnants of the streets of those days. On Kallidar there are no roads, only paths.


In Fallas, there are three races: the people of Myar, the Dark Elves, and the Half-Elves.

The people are the largest part of the inhabitants of Fallas. Their ancestral land was Northforge, but a man named Falla relocated with his followers to Nursill. Nursill was at that time still completely uninhabited by humanoids. His little kingdom he called Fallas, named after himself. Northforge is, as mentioned earlier, the former land of humans, before they completely moved away.

The Dark Elves live in Kallidar. They are the remnants of the extinct Elven people. They were originally elves themselves, but they exposed themselves too much to the black arts, whereupon their bodies changed and they themselves became demons. In their veins run demonic blood, accounting for why they do not age.

The Half-Elves have no native area in Fallas. They come from the distant republic of Cronnoroth.


There are three people who have the most influence. These are Zoras, leader of the Dark Elves, Tarnry, Queen of Fallas, and Mannorath, leader of the Order that wants to retake Northforge.

Kallidar and Northforge are officially part of Fallas, but in practice Tarnry has no power there. The Dark Elves do what they think is right. The real ruler there is Zoras. He also rules Northforge, which, like Kallidar, actually belongs to Fallas, but since there is no one left there except the Wise-Lords, who are all subject to Zora's orders, it can not be ruled directly by Tarnry.

Foreign Policy

Fallas has good relations with Cronnoroth.

Important People