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Graal is located north of Nursill. It consists of ten houses, of which one house is empty. It is a rather unimportant fishing village. There are many Brotherhood followers in the area. Here are many ships from Ertorath, so you can get around well in Graal.


It is located in the north of Nursill in the Skalgrin forests, in the south of Ertorath, in the west of Andamantar and in the north of Castle Vertus.


Arlexia sells Magic Artifixes.

Merignetto sells alchemical goods and teaches others alchemy, incantation, and mysticism.

Tartren sells goods of all kinds and teaches mysticism, restoration and persuasion.

Aranaschir is a blacksmith and teaches forging and repair.

Travel Options

Barados can take you by boat to Ertorath, Castle Rolan and Areldar.


Character name Gender Race Class Rank Place Vendor
Barados M Human Shipmaster Graal Transport
Priest Kerthan M Human Priest Graal no
Tirana W Human Assassin Graal no
Lantran Origrin M Human Priest Graal no
Arlexia W Human Magician Graal, Arlexia's House Act
Aranaschir M Human Smith Graal, Aranaschir's House Repair things and sell goods
Darantia W Human Acrobat Grall, Darantia's House no
Erlana W Human Assassin Graal, Erlana's House Training
Merignetto M Human Alchemist Graal, Merigenetto's House no
Teran Marandas W Human Archer Graal, Teran Marandas's House no
Tortren M Human Dealer Abstainer (Cronnoroth Elite) Graal, Tortren's House no
Admiral Kerithas M Human Guard Soldier (Kingdom) Graal, Guardian Quarters no
Mate Morlan M Human Guard Mate (Kingdom) Graal, Guard Quarters no