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In-Game Map of Kallidar

Kallidar is one of the three islands that make up the continent of Myar. The island is the former land of the Elves. At that time, the country flourished - an emerging population and wildlife everywhere. But when Zoras and his Dark Elves summoned the dimension gates, forests became deserts. Aulirendil and the surrounding area shows how the country used to be. Kallidar is located west of Nursill and southwest of Northforge. There are many ruins on the island. These were probably also destroyed by the dimension gates and in the war between humans and dark elves. The Black Citadel was once a ruin. This has been destroyed in the Elves/Dark Elves conflict. Later, the Black Citadel was rebuilt, more magnificent and powerful than ever before. Only Aulirendil and the Black Citadel are still standing.


Kallidar can be divided into three regions - the deserts, the oasis and the black desert.

Important places