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Mannorath used to be a powerful sorcerer. He had a disciple, Zoras. When the two entered the grave of an ancient demon ruler to study it, Zoras found an old Runeblade. When he realized the power in the blade, he took her in and attacked his old master with her. Mannorath could not harm Zoras, who was godlike with the blade. He fled and founded a guild to fight Zoras. When Zoras was banished and the rune blade was taken down, Mannorath had them guarded by General Darwin. In public, he claimed he had simply lost her. As the threat to the Willless/Will-less(?) and Dark Elves grew, he wanted to kill Zoras, but Zoras could control him with his dark magic. Along with him, Mannorath now summoned new demons against his will. But Mannorath could break the control spell after some time, which is why he was killed by Zoras. When Zoras was finally defeated by his own child, Mannorath reappeared to the child.