Nehrim:'The Butcher' Bounty

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The Butcher

Wanted Nehrim:The Butcher Icon nq00i.jpg
Location Nehrim:Butcher's Slaughterhouse (west of Nehrim:Ledur)
Reward 850 Gold pieces

The Butcher Bounty Quest


People are afraid of a cruel fiend called 'The Butcher'. Some Middlerealm soldiers were already sent out in order to take care of him, but they haven't returned.


Captain Tarek's Notice

Once you have accepted the bounty from the Wanted board, head towards Nehrim:Ledur. In order to find the entrance to the Slaughterhouse you need to climb up the rocks west of Nehrim:Ledur.

Inside the fortress, on your way to The Butcher, you will find some corpses of the dead creatures as well as the unfortunate Middlerealm soldiers. Your quest log will update with the information that it seems that the soldiers have killed most of the Nehrim:Creatures . What is more, the Creatures resemble the very same Creatures that protected the Nehrim:Death Fairy, might it be a coincidence? When you are close to the first barred gate, just by the corpse of Nehrim:Captain Tarek, the quest will update stating that, despite the desperate fighting, the soldiers were ultimately defeated and their mission is still unfinished. From now on, you will encounter some alive enemies. Use the lever to open the barred gate. In the next room you will find plenty of enemies protecting the Door to The Butcher himself. When you have dispatched all of the Nehrim:Creatures, go past the lava and turn right to find a back room with a stone table. Pick up the Key to Master Butcher from the table and head towards the Door (Very Hard). The door can be opened using the key. Brace yourself for the battle and open the door. You will not be attacked by the boss yet. If you are ready for the deadly encounter, pull the lever fixed to the wall, thus you will expose yourself to Nehrim:The Butcher's attack. As soon as you enter the room, the gate will bar your escape and you will have to tackle the boss in his chamber. When you finally kill him, the quest log will announce that now that the fiend is dead, you can safely collect your reward.

Loot The Butcher's body and you will find another Key to Master Butcher. Pick up the unique weapon from the altar and open the Door (Needs a Key) in the Butcher's chamber. Inside you will find some collectibles as well as a chest. Pull the lever to open the gate in the Butcher's chamber. Now you can finally leave his fortress and collect your reward.

Quest Journal


The Butcher's Slaughterhouse location

Next Bounty


  • Search his room. In the centre you should find a unique one-handed blunt Armgemetze.
  • Recommended level: 20-30.
  • You can attack the butcher from outside the doorway and not get trapped inside.