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The list of unlockable achievements in Nehrim


File:Aabenteurer01.jpg Adventurer - for completing 50 quests
File:Aabenteurer02.jpg Busy adventurer - for completing 65 quests.
File:Aingredient01.jpg Adventurous - for eating 100 ingredients
File:Aangst01.jpg Agony - for survival with only 1 hit point
File:Acmagic01.jpg Available Magic Ranks I - for being able to use spells level 1
File:Amagic02.jpg Available Magic Ranks II - for being able to use spells level 2
File:Amagic03.jpg Available Magic Ranks III - for being able to use spells level 3
File:Amagic04.jpg Available Magic Ranks IV - for being able to use spells level 4
File:Amagic05.jpg Available Magic Ranks V - for being able to use spells level 5
File:Amagic06.jpg Available Magic Ranks VI - for being able to use spells level 6
File:Amagic07.jpg Available Magic Ranks VII - for being able to use spells level 7
File:Abank01.jpg Bank Robber - For opening 7 bank vaults
Blood Sigil - For killing Tyr.
File:Abank02.jpg Cunning Bank Robber - For opening 14 bank vaults
File:Alapsedblockade01.jpg Blockade removal - For disabling the teleporter blockades
File:Amoerder01.jpg Bloodstained - for murdering a person
File:Amoerder02.jpg Butcher - For murdering 10 persons
File:Amoerder03.jpg Merciless Butcher - for murdering 50 persons
File:Aplant01.jpg Botanist - for collecting 100 rare plants
File:Abounty01.jpg Bounty Hunter - for completing 5 bounties
File:Abounty02.jpg Professional - for 10 collected bounties.
File:Acannonfodder01.jpg Cannon Fodder - for sinking the galleon of Ostian
File:Aheim02.jpg Castle Lord - for owning a castle
File:Areiterei02.jpg Cavalry - for owning an armored horse

Conquest - for capturing Castle Darlan

File:Atode01.jpg Finisher - for killing 250 enemies
File:Atraining01.jpg Efficient Training - for 100 skill enhancements.
File:Atode02.jpg Executor - for killing 1000 enemies
File:Aexplore01.jpg Explorer - for discovering 100 locations
File:Aexplore02.jpg Globetrotter - For discovering 200 locations
File:Afiredance01.jpg Fire Dance - for having survived lava contact
File:Aplayerbounty01.jpg Heavy Offense - for a bounty of 5000
File:Aplayerbounty02.jpg Wanted Criminal - for a bounty of 10000
File:Aheim01.jpg Home Sweet Home - for owning a house
File:Areiterei01.jpg Horse Rider - for buying a horse
File:Aretter01.jpg In Need of Rescue - for rescuing Marianne
File:Awissen01.jpg Inquisitive - for reading 100 books
File:Nehrimchoosemq0502.jpg Law and Order - for killing Narel
File:Nehrimchoosemq0501.jpg Thieves' Friend - for sparing Narel
File:Nehrimchoosemq1801.jpg Liberation - for freeing the village of Mortram
File:Alegend01.jpg Living Legend - for reaching level 30
File:Adieb01.jpg Lockpicker - For picking 100 locks
File:Amagic01.jpg Magic Prohibition - for disobeying the Magic Prohibition
File:Asymbol01.jpg Magical Symbols - for finding 1-...-100 magical symbols
File:Arocks01.jpg Miner - for mining 50 minerals
File:Adisease01.jpg Morbid Attraction - for contracting 10 diseases
File:Amountain01.jpg Mountaineer - for climbing mountains
File:Aset01.jpg Passionate Collector - for having a complete armor set
File:Apotion01.jpg Potion Mixer - for creating 100 potions
File:Alearning01.jpg Precious Knowledge - for 50 self-acquired skill improvements
File:Adiebfuchs01.jpg Sly Fellow - For receiving 5 thief achievements.
File:Asoulgem01.jpg Soul Raider - for catching 15 souls
File:Atime01.jpg Space-time Distortion I - for spending 20 hours playing Nehrim
File:Atime02.jpg Space-time Distortion II - for spending 40 hours playing Nehrim
File:Atime03.jpg Space-time Distortion III - for spending 60 hours playing Nehrim
File:Atime04.jpg Space-time Distortion IV - for spending 80 hours playing Nehrim
File:Atime05.jpg Space-time Distortion V - for spending 100 hours playing Nehrim
File:Atime06.jpg Space-time Distortion VI - for spending 120 hours playing Nehrim
File:Adieb03.jpg Sneaker- for breaking into 200 houses
File:Aspoiledsuccess01.jpg Successful - for receiving many achievements
File:Adieb02.jpg Surreptitious - for 25 pickpocketings
File:Ahauptquest.jpg Tamer of Fate - for completing the Main Quest
File:Ateleport01.jpg Teleporter - for teleporting 20 times
File:Aorden01.jpg The Order - for becoming a Shadow Seeker of the Order
File:Aangriff01.jpg Thug - for assaulting someone
File:Agrabraeuber01.jpg Tomb Raider - for looting 30 graves
File:Copy of Afallensteller.jpg Trapper - for killing the Black Troll
File:Abankgold01.jpg Trust in Gold - for having more than 130000 pieces of gold in your account.
File:Awasser01.jpg Water Rat - for a lot of swimming