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Quest Information

Quest Giver The quest starts when you enter the World of a Thousand Towers after having completed the previous Tower Defense game. A game grotesque.jpg
Locations World of a Thousand Towers, Nehrim:Zerobilon


This is a more advanced version of the previous Tower Defense game in Steinwelt.

It is harder and has three difficulties to choose from:

  • Simple Rounds
  • Medium Rounds
  • Heavy Rounds

Each difficulty has 15 rounds + 1 boss round. After the game is won, you can open the reward chest for the corresponding difficulty and every Tower and Tower Money will be removed.

At the start of each round, you will find a number of Tower Creators and Magic Tower Creator Gold in the large vault. At the end of each round, new towers and gold can be found in the chest. Towers can be created on empty circular white platforms and can be upgraded with the special gold. Towers can also be removed once they are placed by activating the platform they are on.

When all three difficulties are won and you've claimed your last reward, the quest will be completed.

Below is a list of tower upgrades to choose from:

Tower Effect Price
Fire Tower Basic Fireball (as in the previous map) Free
Ice Tower 18% Freeze Chance 40
Lightning Tower 3 Quick Lightning Attacks 50
Fire Rain Tower Multi Shots 350
Absorption Tower Life Drain over time 150
Cannon Tower Large Impact Radius (approx. 15 ft.) 350
Sniper Tower Hits always and everywhere, regardless of position 580
Gold Tower

Earns money with hits, but doesn't inflict damage

  • Simple Rounds: 8 Gold per hit
  • Medium Rounds: 15 Gold per hit
  • Heavy Rounds: 25 Gold per hit
Death Tower Strongest tower of all, shoots a very powerful lightning bolt (4000 damage) 2000


Message "You have earned the achievement 'Invincibility'! "

Simple Rounds

Medium Rounds

Heavy Rounds

Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

Advanced Tower Defense - NQ15W02
Stage End Q Journal Entry
5 Another level is challenging me at strategic tower building. Various kinds of defense towers can be built along the road to fend off the advancing enemy waves. I can start a game by pushing a switch in this world. At the beginning of each wave of opponents, the vault is filled with new tower creators and gold (which can buy me improvements for towers).
50 I was able to repulse the approaching enemy waves. The simple game is won. Now, I can open my reward chest.
100 I could repulse the approaching enemy waves. The advanced game is won. I can now open the second reward chest.
150 End The heavy game is won. Now, I can open the last reward chest and can leave this world.


  • Magic Tower Creator Gold ID is 00233201