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Back to Nehrim Wiki Like Oblivion, Nehrim has eight basic attributes, each attribute governs a number of Skills (except Luck):


Icon Attribute Description
File:Strengthicon.jpg Strength Affects how much you can carry, how much total fatigue you have and how much damage you can deal with melee weapons.
File:Intelligenceicon.jpg Intelligence Affects your total magica and magic use.
File:Willpowericon.jpg Willpower Affects how quickly you regenerate magica and how much fatigue you have.
File:Agilityicon.jpg Agility Affects your ability to manoeuver and balance, your total fatigue and damage done by bows.
File:Speedicon.jpg Speed Determines how fast you move.
File:Enduranceicon.jpg Endurance affects how much fatigue you have, your health, and how much your health will increase when you sleep and raise levels.
File:Personalityicon.jpg Personality Affects how much people like you, leads to better information gathering.
File:Luckicon.jpg Luck Has an effect on everything you do but does not govern any skills.


  • These attributes can be increased by levelling up or equiping enchanted items with attribute bonuses.
  • Check Skills for explanation which attribute governs which skills.
  • Personality changes (patch : The players' personality does not matter anymore for the computation of the disposition of NPC's. This fixes the bug that high-personality characters were not getting attacked anymore. Still the Mercantile and Speechcraft skills are tied to Personality.