Nehrim:Band of Berserkers

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Berserker Lord Hvald

Wanted Nehrim:Berserker Lord Hvald (Berserker Leader) Icon nq00i.jpg
Location Nehrim:The Cave Slayer
Reward 1000 Gold pieces
  • Wanted:
  • Location:

Band of Berserkers Bounty Quest


This quest leads you into the vicinity of the Nehrim:Gate of Cahbaet. You are entrusted to put an end to a band of berserkers attacking the lands around the gate.


  • Reach the Cave

Leave Erothin and go towards the Gate of Erothin (the exact position of the outlaw's haven is indicated by the red marker on your map). Once you a have gone through the gate, turn right and climb up the narrow road that leads upwards (if you have passed Rudor's Trading Post it meas that you have gone too far, move back). Following the road up you might be attacked by a Nehrim:Diseased Deer and a Nehrim:Young Wolf. Go past the waterfall and you should be at the Nehrim:Cave Slayer .

  • Clear the Cave

Inside the cave, you will be attacked by numerous Forest Wolves. The first room is totally full of them. Open the Wooden Door and an the first of Nehrim:Berserker Warriors will face you by the dead Nehrim:Black Ram. At this point, you can choose two ways:

Stairs to the N (Very Easy) lock - nothing here, apart from a wide variety of animals.

Stairs to the S - jump over the Swinging Log and enter the Wooden Door. Tread carefully, there is a pressure plate and a Swinging Mace.

The room behind the door is filled with about thirteen berserkers scattered around the whole area. Be wary for the one that stand over the room and continuously strikes arrows at you. Search the room carefully, there should be a narrow tunnel that will lead you upwards, to the annoying berserker archer. When you have dispatched the archer, do not jump/walk down. Near to a place where the archer was, there is a small bridge over the room. Go over the room and deal with some more berserkers hiding there. On your way, you should notice a strange room to your left and the boss, Berserker  Lord Hvald, will launch his attach. Having successfully dealt with all the berserkers, the quest log will update with information that your quest is finished as you have managed to defeat the leader. There is an exit nearby. Go there and collect your reward from the Wanted Board.

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The Applesmuggler


The Cave Slayer map
The Cave Slayer location


  • There might appear to be a difficulty entering the locked room (the one with numerous sheep) as the door frame seems too low. However, by trying you shoud manage to enter and leave the room.