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Barateon MQ14 End
Level 100 100 100
Health 397 397 0
Race Alemanne1 Alemanne1 VampirRaceX
Class Chancellor Chancellor Chancellor
Gender Male Male Male
Essential Yes Yes No
Editor ID Barateon MQ14Barateon BarateonTot


Barateon is a human magic-user who originally supported Nehrim:Narathzul Arantheal's and Nehrim:Merzul's actions and their war against the Gods. However, when Narathzul killed god Erodan (previous ruler of Nehrim:Erothin) and became imprisoned by the Light-Born, Barateon resolved to pursue his own goals. Consequently, he seized the opportunity to take over the throne of Erothin and the whole of Nehrim. As the chancellor of Nehrim he aspired to incorporate the Northrealm into his kingdom. The ruler of the Northrealm, despite his country laying in ruins, due to the ongoing war, declared independence and is determined to defy Barateon's attacks. Barateon betrayed his former friends (Merzul and Narathzul) thus he focuses his actions on undermining The Order, first by enforcing anti-magic laws and ultimately by attacking Arcane Sanctum  and killing Nehrim:Merzul. When faced with Narathzul Arantheal, Barateon chooses suicide by jumping off the tower, over being killed by his former ally.


  • He simply pursues his own goals and ambitions.
  • Regards every magic user as a potential threat to his rule. His actions against magic-users triggered the appearance of Nehrim:Renegate Mages in the Middlerealm.


Other notes

  • Barateon is stuck in Narathzul's sword and serves his punishment is a prison cell. He won't utter a word.
  • Magic Prohibition imposed by the chancellor: