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General information

Cahbaet is the capital city located in the Northrealm, mainly inhabited by the Nords. Having been built on a very steep mountain slope, the city and the fortress are easier to defend. Due to its favourable location any oppressors find it difficult to storm the city. Unlike in the Middlerealm, the use of magic is not banned. When you first enter the realm of the North the city of Cahbaet is inaccessible as the city is currently under siege. You can get there only at the very end of the main quest Nehrim:In the Underworld.


Proclamation of Independence


Nehrim:Taranor disapproves of Nehrim:Barateon's rule over the entirety of Nehrim and, despite Bareateon's continuous attacks, the leader of the Northrealm declared independence from him and his empire. Due to his declaration Taranor and his soldiers constantly strive to resist the chancellor's attacks. Consequently, his kingdom is devastated and at war.


All over Cahbaet there are flags hung up as an expression of the realm's independence. They represent Taranor's coat of arms, the Nord's leader and saviour. In their opinion, without Taranor they would be mere subjects of the Chancellor.


The notice addressed to all resistance fighters can be found on many walls in Cahbaet. It says:

'Since generations this has been our land. Our home. That's why we must fight. Barateon's soldiers rob us of what is ours. They rob and pillage. Take our sons and make them into Chancellor's soldiers. No peace with Barateon.'




The people of the Northrealm may appear unsophisticated in comparison with the cultured people of Erothin, yet they are resilient and tough, hardened by severe weather conditions. When a need arises they will fight to the last man to protect their land and family. At they same time they are loyal and will always keep their promises. They value bravery and determination most. Individual acts of courage are of extreme value to them. They even have a word, 'Jambora', which refers to the success of the bold and the strong. In Nehrim:Taranor's words: 'The success of the one who dares.'


There are plenty of services available in Cahbaet:



  • Secure Chest is located on the main square.
  • Teleport platform is located near the Chapel.
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Merchants and Trainers

Common Citizens




Cahbaet-related Main Quests:

Cahbaet- related Side Quests:


  • Cahbaet, Brewery
  • Cahbaet, Chapel
  • Cahbaet, Gatehouse
  • Cahbaet, Lotta's House
  • Cahbaet, Prison
  • Cahbaet, Shabby House
  • Cahbaet, Soldiers' Accommodation
  • Cahbaet, Sewers
  • Nehrim:Fortress of Cahbaet
  • Stronghold of Cahbaet
  • Tent

After the Nehrim:The Liberation

  • Cahbaet, Guild House
  • Cahbaet, Haus
  • Cahbaet, House
  • Cahbaet, Big House