Nehrim:Corpse (Zombie dead)

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Level File:Health.jpg Type Drops FormID Editor ID
2 0 Undead Leveled Loot Micro Treasure 15
Dead Flesh
15 0 Undead Dead Flesh ArmerLeuteLetzteRuheLeiche
15 0 Undead Dead Flesh AlcazarToter


A common Zombie, really dead.


Level 2

In The Dark Forest, the lake area near Ruin of Naradoth, Shipwreck near Salen, Treomar, South gate, north of Northern Pier, Northern Pier, near Unknown Village, on the road to Sarnor, near The Cave of Andornath, near Nerukat Caves, Iselas Ruins, Waverock, Remote House, Manag Crypt Telsa, Fetheran Cave, Moriane's House, Erothin, Wine Merchant, Cellar, Nerukat Cave, Erothin, Harbor - Warehouse, The Cave of Andornath, Thoian's Hideout, Ruins of Narbu, Galleon, Lower Deck, Ruins of Armonar

Level 15

Tomb of Eltridor, Poor People's Last Home

Level 15 (Third)

Alcazar's Last Bastion