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Quest Information

Quest Giver Nehrim:Melvin in Nehrim:Arcane Sanctum (Nehrim:House of the Mage Council) Critical discharge icon.jpg
NPCs Nehrim:Melvin
Locations Nehrim:Sanctum, west of Stonefield Castle (simply follow Nehrim:Melvin)


There appears to be a problem with one of the Sanctum Towers. Thus you are assigned to assist Melvin with the quest to investigate the source of the problem. If the sanctum refuses to operate properly it might have dire consequences for the whole of Nehrim.


Follow Melvin as he leads the way to the abandoned Sanctum. It becomes apparent that the energy jam has conjured Nehrim:Arcane Golems. Unfortunately, they seem extremely resistant to ordinary attacks. Melvin explains how to kill the Nehrim:Arcane Golems (a good strategy here is to make hotkeys for a normal attack weapon/spell, the Golem Dagger and the Wind Blow spell):

  • Weaken the Golem (with your usual weapon/spell) until it enters a regeneration state (then its colour changes to GREY and it ceases to attack). This phase makes it harmless for a moment, but it won't kill it. You CAN use the Golem Dagger at this phase, but it is not necessary and not recommended (the dagger is rather weak).
  • Attack the Golem with a special dagger (the Golem Dagger that automatically appears in the inventory). The dagger prevents it from regeneration.
  • Finally cast a Wind Blow spell to destroy the Golem (the spell automatically appears on your spell list).

After killing a few Golems outside, follow Melvin into the Sanctum. Removing the blockage will spawn more Golems, therefore Melvin summons you a helper to deal with the Golems while he is preoccupied with solving the blockage.

After the fight is finished, Melvin suggests that you teleport back to the Arcane Sanctum. A teleport rune appears in your inventory. Use the spell "Teleport: Arcane Sanctum" in order to appear in the Sanctum. (You are free to keep the rune and walk by foot, of course.)

To finish the quest speak to Melvin again.




  • You do not need to concern yourself with Melvin's a bit complicated explanation on how to kill the Golems. He will instruct you when to use the dagger and the spell even while facing the Golems.


  • If it happens that Melvin enters the Sanctum and he does not initiate a dialogue which triggers the quest, it is a bug. As far as I know, the only solution is to load the previous save (before entering the Sanctum). When you enter the Sanctum, Melvin shoud approach you and start a dialogue after which he lights some fires in the room and a Summoned Creature appears.

Following quest:

Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

Critical Discharge - MQ06
Stage End Q Journal Entry
5 General Acorias thanked me for my help and told me to go see Melvin in the House of the Mages, he needs my help.
10 I have spoken to the Mage Melvin. He said that together we must bring a small sanctum in the west of the valley back on track. He seems to be very concerned. If the Sanctum continues refusing to work, it could have devastating consequences for Nehrim.
20 Melvin has encountered mysterious tracks and was immediately alarmed. According to him, the energy jam in the Sanctum has conjured so-called Arcane Golems. They can only be killed in a specific way: First, I must weaken them until they enter into a regeneration phase. When this happens, I must attack them with a special dagger Melvin gave me. Once we have weakened them a bit more after that, I can cast a Wind Blow spell and make it harmless.
31 We were able to defeat the Arcane Golems in front of the Sanctum. Now we will take a look inside.
37 Melvin can solve the problem in the Sanctum. However, while he does this other Arcane Golems will probably appear. He summoned me a creature which will support me in combat. I must hold out until Melvin has solved the energy jam.
65 We did it! The Sanctum is working perfectly again. Melvin thanked me for the help and teleported back to our starting point. I should do likewise.
70 End Melvin said that I should report our success to Merzul. I'll find him in his office on the top of the main building.