Nehrim:Crude Kurtus Bounty

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Crude Kurtus

Wanted Nehrim:Crude Kurtus Icon nq00i.jpg
Location Nehrim:Kurtus' Hideout
Reward 150 Gold pieces

Crude Kurtus Bounty Quest


To receive the quest, you need to read the Wanted! notice on one of the main boards in most major cities, for example Nehrim:Giliad .

The first bounty mission is to kill Kill Kurtus for 150 gold.


Click on the "Wanted" billboard in Nehrim:Giliad to start the quest. Go North from Giliad. Nehrim:Kurtus' Hideout is easily found by following the red marker on the world map. He's alone in his cave with some Nehrim:Nasty Kobolts. They are more dangerous than him. Kurtus is in a room with a Very Easy locked door and an hole in the ground. If you need some time push him in the hole and wait for him to swim back. In the hole there is a flooded room with an Average chest with some loot. Once you have killed the criminal, your quest diary will update with the information that you have successfully dealt with the task. Get back to Giliad and click on the billboard to receive the bounty.

Quest Journal


Kurtus Hideout map
Kurtus Hideout Location

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  • So it doesn't seem necessary that you kill him yourself once he's been engaged. Other hostile creatures might attack him as well, and the quest will be completed nevertheless.
  • In his room we can find a pretty picture.