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Quest Information

Quest Giver Nehrim:Callisto Getting out icon.jpg
NPCs Nehrim:Callisto, Nehrim:Kim
Locations Nehrim:Ostian Palace, Cave Worm, Old Mine, Nehrim:Ostian, Nehrim:Ostian, House At The Harbour


You have been discovered in the Palace and a gate separates you from your companions, Callisto and Kim. Callisto instructs you to use the back door and look around the basement for a passage through which you could leave the Palace. In the meantime, he and Kim will be trying to escape from the Palace too.


Palace Kitchen

Examine the room you will notice a door to Palace Cellar (Needs a Key). Turn right (E) and there is a Cellar Key on the table. Pick it up and open the door to Palace Cellar.

Palace Cellar

Go downwards until your quest log updates with the information that you can feel a slight breeze here, so the exit must be somewhere nearby. Turn to the northern wall from the point the quest log updated and you should find a Hidden Door there. Activate the door and go through the passage. You will find yourself in a place with a lot of wooden planks and two possible ways:

- Rope Ladder to Palace Cellar- dead end, jumping down after climbing the ladder results in instant death

-wooden footbridge made of wood planks- follow this road until the structure collapses and you end up in water.

Dive in the water and find Rope Ladder to Old Mine. Climb up the Ladder.

Old Mine

In the mine you will be greeted by a number of Nehrim:Black Widows who will start casting their Paralyze spells, which might be a bit annoying. Follow the cavernous tunnel which lead among Spider Cocoons and walk over the bridge woven from cobwebs. When the bridge ends jump down onto a wooden footbridge below and enter a wooden construction. Walk up the structure and jump into a room with a Black Widow in the middle. Soon you will her a loud noise, as if something has collapsed. Enter an area with huge claws piercing through the cave. Follow the footbridge, walk up the wooden planks near the wall and jump into the room below. Everything starts to shake and collapse. You land in a strange place which looks like the inside of some kind of a creature.

Cave Worm

Inside the Worm you will find no enemies. However, be wary as the gastric juices here are deadly and cause instant death. You should follow these directions in order to get out of this place:

  • south
  • west
  • south
  • east (past two movable crates)
  • south (past two crates and a chair)
  • west (and here you should notice a Strange Paper). Read the Strange Paper, then look up to see a strange beating object. Climb up the nearest "rocks" and touch it. (Mouse over to it and press the interact key). The "heart" will stop beating. Turn S from the paper. ( the road west will be blocked by a lot of gastric juices) . The area southwards may seem inaccessible at first, but by jumping over the structures you should manage to to get there.
  • Still head south (among numerous Spider Cocoons) until you find yourself in cavernous tunnels again.

Old Mine

The way to the exit here is pretty straightforward. Follow the main tunnel and you will certainly find the exit. As soon as you are outside the mine, your quest will update with the information that you have successfully managed to find the way out. Go to the house at the harbour in Ostian to discover what happened with Kim and Callisto.


Travel to Ostian is possible only on foot. Head for the harbour and the House at the Harbour where you will find both Nehrim:Callisto and Nehrim:Kim, who arrived there safe and sound.


  • +2500 EP



  • You can use neither your horse nor the teleport spell to reach Ostian faster. It can be done only on foot when the quest is active.

Following Quest

Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

Getting Out! - MQ25
Stage End Q Journal Entry
10 They detected us! I was separated from Kim and Callisto and have to find a way out on my own.
20 I feel a slight breeze. There must be another exit somewhere near.
35 After the cave collapsed I landed in a strange place - this certainly doesn't look like a natural cave, but like something... something living...
40 I finally found a way out! I just hope that Kim and Callisto have survived too. I should go to the harbour house to find out.
60 End Fortunately Kim and Callisto also were able to escape from the palace.