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"Esara lives in the cloud city of Inodan where she takes care of the preservation of the divine council. In the first war against the Light-Born she helped capture Narathzul Arantheal and thus prevented his conquering of Inodan. Esara was also the mother of the God Erodan, who she conceived together with the Norman King Wuran." (from The Gods)

Esara is the first of the Light-Born that you are to kill in order to help Narathzul Arantheal in becoming the Shadow God. She summons four Seraphin Warriors to aid her in the battle.

Type of Attack

  • Melee / Magic (Frost)


  • Restore Health 100 Pts
  • Restore Magicka 100 Pts
  • Resist Frost 100%
  • Resist Paralysis 100%
  • Resist Shock 100%


  • Weakness to Fire 100%



The Sins of our Fathers

Pickpocketed Items

Impossible to pickpocket.

Items Dropped