Nehrim:If the mind is strong, then so is the body

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Quest Information

Quest Giver A deity in the chapel outside of Nehrim:Cahbaet. It is situated near the Nehrim:Army Camp. File:Icon nq00f.jpg
Locations Nehrim:Irlanda's Chapel, Nehrim:Boulder's Farmhouse, Nehrim:Crypt Of Mahrnitz


Once you enter the shrine, you will hear the voice of Irlanda, a deity. The Nehrim:goddess Irlanda will tell you that a statue was stolen and brought to the village Nehrim:Mahrnitz.


Head towards Nehrim:Mahrnitz. When you arrive at Mahrnitz, you will see another statue with a note in the center of the village. This is not the one you're looking for. Enter the house of the Boulder family. Read the carefully written note in front of the small statue (this is also not the one you're looking for). After reading the note, go to the family crypt on the edge of the village. Inside the cave you you have to search for three statue fragments. You will have to battle some undead as well. After finding the three fragments, return to the chapel outside Nehrim:Cahbaet (Nehrim:Irlanda's Chapel) to receive a reward.


  • 3000 EP
  • Pernament bonus to your Willpower attribute.



Army Camp Mahrnitz

Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

If the mind is strong, then so is the body NQ11SchreinIrlanda
Stage End Q Journal Entry
10 When I entered Irlanda's Shrine on the battlefield in front of Cahbaet, I got an inspiration. A voice spoke to me telling me that the farmers from the village of Mahrnitz wanted to protect the statue of Irlanda from suffering any damage from the fighting. They removed it from the base and have hidden it in their village. I should bring back the statue to receive a blessing.
20 The married couple Boulder from Mahrnitz wanted to save the statue. However, it broke during transportation into several parts. The farmers apparently have hidden the parts in the crypt of Mahrnitz.
30 Message "1/3 fragments found"
40 Message "2/3 fragments found"

I have found all the fragments. Now I should go back to the chapel and place them there.

Message "3/3 fragments found"

60 End I brought back the statue fragments. When I came into the chapel, they slid from my hands and joined together again. I have fulfilled Irlanda's lesson of a strong will.