Nehrim:Impotence of the Almighty

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Quest Information

Quest Giver Triggered automatically after completing Nehrim:The Decisive Moment by a City Dweller. Impotenceof the almighty icon.jpg
NPCs Nehrim:Kim, Nehrim:Narathzul Arantheal
Locations Nehrim:Ostian, Storage Cave, Nehrim:Ostian


When Nehrim:Jagal is finished, you will be encountered by a City Dweller who informs you that the revolution has started and rebels are running towards the Palace. Your quest will update with the information that now you have to fight your way to the Temple Palace and finish off the remaining enemies.


Destination: Ostian Palace

To Palace!

Leave the Storage Cave together with Nehrim:Kim and head towards the quest marker. Choose the western cave door as the other one is locked. On your way you will run into some rebels. Additionally, you will have to face some opponents (Nehrim:Temple Guards) by yourselves.

Defeat Nehrim:Templar Janus

Join a group of rebels and run towards the Palace. In the courtyard you will have to defeat some guards and their leader, The Temple's Lord Janus. Once you have killed Lord Janus, your quest will update stating that the revolution has been successful and Nehrim:Ostian is finally free.

Kim's Doubts

Blissful Ignorance

When you approach Nehrim:Kim (should be standing somewhere nearby), he/she will initiate the talk and elaborate on his/her reflections about the Order. Kim does admit that the Order played a very crucial part in his/her life, as for the first time he/she felt that he/she was someone special and is needed by other people. Neither his/her parents, nor the other people that Kim met later on engendered this feeling. These facts contributed to his/her blissful unawareness of the terrible objective that the Order had in mind.

Harsh Truth

Now, Kim finally realizes what the Order set as their final goal, that is to overthrow the dominion of the Gods. It was the recent events, connected with the rebellions in the Southrealm that opened Kim's eyes to the Order's long-term goal.

State of Confusion

Kim openly expresses his/her doubts about what you have done in this city. In fact, you did manage to incite people to rebel not only against the Temple, but more importantly, against the Light-Born themselves. Kim is aware that the Temple had used the Gods to justify their evil deeds. Kim points out that The Order aims at stopping the Gods because they should not be allowed to rule over the people. Kim sees no reason why the Order should have the right to do what they are doing or why everyone else, apart from the Order, should be wrong. In the end, Kim acknowledges that he/she is unsure about his/her future cooperation with the Order and Kim feels completely torn inside.

Narathzul's Interference

When Kim will be asking you if you share his/her doubts, your conversation will be interrupted by Nehrim:Narathzul Arantheal's surprise appearance in front of the Palace.


Following Quest

Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

Impotence of the Almighty - MQ29
Stage End Q Journal Entry
10 The uprising has begun! I now should fight my way to the Temple in order to finish off the last remaining enemies. This theocracy is falling like a rotten tree in a storm!
49 The Temple's Lord Janus and his soldiers are dead. Ostian is free.
70 End Kim uttered doubts about the battle against the Light-Born. But just at that moment Arantheal appeared in Ostian.