Nehrim:Kiril Coaldust Bounty

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Kiril Coaldust

Wanted Nehrim:Kiril Coaldust Icon nq00i.jpg
Location Nehrim:Charcoal Burner
Reward 300 Gold pieces

Kiril Coaldust Bounty Quest


The authorities want to see Nehrim:Kiril Coaldust dead. After murdering the charburner who lived north of Nehrim:Shadow Song Mine, he is now dwelling in his victim's house together with his men.


After you have received the bounty from the Wanted board, make the quest active and open your map to locate the red marker on your map. Go towards the direction of the marker. The road is pretty straightforward, as you simply have to follow the road until you reach the end of one of the side roads. The bandit resides with his men in Nehrim:Charcoal Burner. Go inside and you will be attacked by one Nehrim:Bandit of Sildonar. Unfortunately, the noise of the fight will draw the attention of all the residents, and soon Nehrim:Kiril Coaldust together with two other Bandits of Sildonar will join the battle. Once you have killed Kiril, your quest log will update with the information that now you can come back to one of the major cities and receive your reward from the Wanted board.

Quest Journal


Following Quest


  • Search the house. You will find a lot of crafting materials (coal).
  • Some players can't activate this quest (with the Patch). Check here for the solution: