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Important! Please read!

Sometimes it might happen that the quest seems bugged and you are stuck unable to proceed further in the storyline. If it happens, please do the following:

  • Check the quest description if you are doing the quest as it should be (the guidelines here follow the scripts).
  • Do make sure that you are not using any cheats or mods not compatible with Nehrim. They have a tendency to break the game.
  • Load the game to a previous stage. It sometimes works, and the bug disappears.
  • Use the cosole commands to skip the problematic quest stage (they are listed in each seperate page about quests).
  • Finally, if nothing of the above comes to avail, contact the Nehrim Support forum, and do not forget to upload your savegame:



Act I: The Road to Power

Act II: A Time for Decisions

Act III: One will Fall

Act IV: The Beginning of the End

Act V: The Destination of Fate

The Shadow God