Nehrim:On to the Sanctum

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Quest Information

Quest Giver Nehrim:High Priest Aratornias Journey to Abbey.jpg
NPCs Nehrim:High Priest Aratornias , Nehrim:Archmage Vanmiria
Locations from Nehrim:Tirin Abbey to Nehrim:Arcane Sanctum


Now you need to proceed to the Mage Sanctum. It is located on the slopes of the eastern mountain range of Fold Valley. According to the road description from Nehrim:Merzul, you should turn east on the road to Nehrim:Giliad and follow it until you finally reach the Arcane Sanctum .



File:Arcane Sanctum01.jpg
The Sanctum at Dusk

Reach Arcane Sanctum Walkthrough here is really simple.You need to reach Arcane Sanctum following any path you wish. However, the easiest and fastest way will be to follow the main road until you finally set your foot in Sanctum. Make your main quest active and look for the green marker and the city of Nehrim:Giliad . First go to Giliad, and then simply go towards the place where Arcane Sanctum is located.

Find Archmage Vanmiria

Once you are in Nehrim:Arcane Sanctum, search for Nehrim:Archmage Vanmiria in Observatory (it is not a building, it is situated outside, next to your Safe Storage Chest and one trainer Nehrim:Lathorius). Vanmiria will officially welcome you to the Sanctum and assign a new task for every novice.


  • It is sometimes difficult to find Vanmiria, she can be taking a walk somewhere in Nehrim:Arcane Sanctum, but it appears that most often she walks around the Observatory. Is she is not there, wait a few hours until a blue-robed female mage comes into your view.


  • Take your time, you do not need to hurry. Feel free to explore the world and area on the way to Sanctum.
  • In Nehrim:Arcane Sanctum you will find most trainers.

Following Quest

Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found


On to the Sanctum - MQ01
Stage End Q Journal Entry
5 Now I should proceed on my way to the Mage Sanctum. As far as I know, it is on the slopes of the eastern mountain range of the Fold Valley. According to the road description from Merzul I must turn east on the road in Giliad and follow it until I reach the Sanctum.
10 End I have reached the Mage Sanctum and now must speak with Archmage Vanmiria. She will tell me about the Order.