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Unique One-handed blunt Weapons

See Photo and details on Unique One Handed Blunt or click on Weapon name.

Name Place Q Enchantments
Aeterna Axe

Nehrim:Zerobilon (chest)

Dusty Cave

Yes N/A
Aeterna Mace

on Aeterna Battlemage, Aeterna Gardener, Mardo

near Vault of Tesselation, near the walls south of Treomar, East Gate

No N/A
Aeterna Magic Hammer Erothin, Master Craftsman No
  • Damage Health 8 Pts on Strike
Apocalypse Erothin, Master Craftsman No
  • Absorb Endurance 3 Pts for 10 sec on Strike


(Arm Butchery)

Butcher's Slaughterhouse (his chamber) during the SQ The Butcher' Bounty

Yes N/A
Brutal Battle Hammer Self made - Crafting No
  • Fire Damage 5 Pts
Crystal Warhammer Forgotten Mine No N/A
Daedric War Hammer Erothin, Master Craftsman No N/A
Dark Blessing *

Redon Family Crypt, Fortress Suran

  • Absorb Health 5 Pts on Strike
Dark Omen Manag Crypt Telsa No
  • Absorb Luck 8 pts for 20 Sec
Darius' Misfortune

Darius Tempel, from High Priest Darius during the SQ The search for Darius

  • Absorb Luck 8 Pts for 20 secs on Strike
Light-Leavened Axe drops by Light Guard Elledan in Iselas Ruins during the SQ The Renegade Brother Yes
  • Light 10 feet
  • Shock damage 5 Pts on Strike
Skull Crusher

Unknown Dungeon (The Great Glacier) on Corpse of an Adventurer next to the boss

  • Absorb Endurance 10 Pts on Strike
Silver Beard-Axe Self made - Crafting No N/A
Sacrificial Axe

Catacombs of Lorthing

  • Damage Health 4 Pts on Strike
Star People Mace Selectable reward after SQ Team Spirit in Giliad Yes N/A
Star Mace Dragon Cave No N/A

War Axe of Frost

Verborgene Tempelanlage

drops by The Ice Summoner in Elemental Forge of Beldur

  • Frost damage 6 Pts on Strike


  • Dark Blessing * - Reference to a mace with the same name in World of Warcraft.
  • The Master crafstman** come with the Patch and is accesible after the Main Quest The Forgotten Fortress.

Other Nehrim's One-handed blunt Weapons

Name Found Enchantments
Archmage Bearded Axe Buyable at Osmar the Smith in Mountain Monastery
  • Absorb Magicka 2 Pts
  • Shock damage 3 Pts on Strike
Iron Battle Hammer Buyable at Smiths N/A
Iron Bearded Axe Buyable at Smiths N/A
Runed Iron War Axe Buyable at Smiths N/A
Rusty Lumber Axe Buyable at Smiths N/A
Rusty Iron Mace on dead soldiers N/A
Troll Club drops by Goblin N/A