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Start the quest by visiting a random shrine in the region of Nehrim:Ostian. You need to read a total of seven proclamations to complete the quest.

The shrines are located north, east and west of Nehrim:Ostian. You don't have to read them in the right order. After reading all seven proclamations, you will receive the Blessing of the Temple.


You receive Blessing of the Temple. It gives 2 permanent bonuses: Fortify Luck 5 Pts, Fortify Endurance 3 Pts.


Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

Pilgrimage - NQSchreine
Stage End Q Journal Entry
5 I visited one of seven shrines in the Southrealm and read the inscription on the base.
10 I've read the first proclamation.
20 I've read the second proclamation.
30 I've read the third proclamation.
40 I've read the fourth proclamation.
50 I've read the fifth proclamation.
60 I've read the sixth proclamation.
70 I've read the seventh proclamation.
80 After visiting all shrines, I received a magic blessing.