Nehrim:The Candidate of the City Guard

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Quest Information

Quest Giver Nehrim:General Acorias in Arcane Sanctum (Nehrim:Templers' House ) The candidate of the icon.jpg
NPCs Nehrim:General Acorias, Nehrim:Reman, Nehrim:Narel
Locations Nehrim:Arcane Sanctum, Nehrim:Erothin, Nehrim:Erothin, Reman's House, Cemetery at the Nehrim:Harbor (near Nehrim:Erothin, Crypt), Nehrim:Erothin, Sewers, Southern Out Flow, Thieves' Den


Nehrim:General Acorias will inform you that another Gifted did not appear at the scheduled meeting: Nehrim:Reman. He belongs to the Nehrim:Erothin city guard, thus he can pose a threat to the Order. Acorias explains that disposing of the member of the city guard might prove to be a  challenging task, since murdering him will definitely attract too much attention, and that is not what the Order presently needs.  The Order has come to a decision to apply more discreet and indirect means by using one spell in particular, Memory Alternation. Therefore, you are instructed to alter Reman's memory with a spell (Memory Alteration). (The spell automatically appears in your Spells List).

It  has been discovered that Remand regularly  visits his wife’s grave at the same time, every day. Nehrim:Reman usually prays at his wife's grave in the Erothin cemetery (the little graveyard near the Erothin Crypt - NOT the old tomb in the slums) every evening. In short,  after finding him, you are to take his key and search his house.  But once you see him, cast the spell on him and Nehrim:Reman should fall unconscious.  As soon as he is unconscious,  steal the key from his pocket and enter his house using the very  key. Inside, search the house for the letter. Once you remove the letter from his holding, Nehrim:Reman will fail to remember any letter and all, and consequently he will not be aware of any meeting of the gifted taking place.



Now,   your immediate goal is to reach Nehrim:Erothin. That might seem a formidable task due to the fact that Nehrim:Erothin is a considerable distance from Nehrim:Arcane Sanctum. Whichever road to the city you take does not make much of a difference as long as  the road takes you to Nehrim:Erothin. The recommended way, though, is by taking a stop in Nehrim:Giliad in order to gain more experience and brace yourself for  more demanding encounters.  

Find the Cemetery

Obtain the Key from Reman

At the Erothin cemetery you need to wait till the evening (about 6-8pm) for Reman to come. (If he does not appear after waiting, this is a bug - but you can still look out for him near his home; see below for its whereabouts.)

When you see Reman praying at his wife's grave, cast the Memory Alteration spell on him, and take the key from Reman (by activating him, not by pickpocketing!). Now you need to head towards Reman's House, which is located near the market place (on the other side of the water canal). SAVE YOUR GAME before entering the house.

Catch the Thief

Inside the house you will find a thief named Nehrim:Narel. He mentions something about a letter and escapes with it. In order to complete the quest you need to chase the thief. Try not to let him shake you off! (He seems to be both fast and quite an acrobat. He will flee through the door to the Backyard and on into the Sewers ([Southern Out Flow]). When you encounter him in the canals you may either choose to kill him or spare his life (in both cases you obtain the letter).

  • Sparing Narel

If you decide to spare Narel's life he will lead you to a secret Nehrim:Thieves Den which is inhabited by various merchants and trainers.

  • Killing Narel

If you decide to murder Narel you still can enter the Nehrim:Thieves Den. Loot his body.

Arcane Sanctum

Return to Nehrim:General Acorias in the Nehrim:Arcane Sanctum to finish the quest.


File:Reman's Housemap.jpg
Reman's house location
Cemetery location


  • Open the city map and follow the green quest marker to be aware of Narel's position all the time.
  • Sometimes you have to strip naked to catch Narel, if you are wearing armor that you are not proficient in. It slows you down.
  • Finding the Cemetery: Check the Erothin map and view photo details to enlarge it. From the Nehrim:Market Plaza where the Cathedral is located, cross the big load door near the Bank to reach the Nehrim:Harbor. There you should find some stairs up that lead to Nehrim:Erothin, Crypt. The Cemetery is just at the Crypt.


  • If you leave the house before Narel the quest is failed.
  • If you decide to kill Narel you will earn the achievement 'Law and Order'. You can loot him and take the Key to the Thieves Den.
  • If you decide not to kill Narel you will earn an achievement 'Thieves' Friend'.
  • If you spare Narel he appears in another main quest.
  • If it happens that Narel is bugged and doesn't want to escape, load a previous save (not autosave).

Following quest

Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

The Candidate at the City Guard - MQ05
Stage End Q Journal Entry
5 There is another Gifted One who didn't appear at the meeting. However, Reman belongs to the Erothin city guard, which is why Acorias thinks he could be a danger for us. Hence I'm supposed to alter his memory with a spell. Reman usually prays at his wife's grave in the Erothin cemetery every evening - this will be the best chance for me to cast the spell. Afterwards I have to get Reman's key and search his house for the letter.
10 I cast the spell onto Reman and thus altered his memory. Now I should take his key and search his house for the letter. The house is located near the market place on the other side of the water canal.
25 Inside Reman's house I caught a thief in the act. He babbled something about a letter and fled. I mustn't let him escape!
66 I was able to catch up with the thief Narel. He confessed that he broke into Reman's house. However, allegedly he is not a criminal but did this only to survive. As an Aeterna he is an outcast and had no other choice. I spared his life and swore to keep silence, which is why he will guide me to a hideout in the sewers.
67 I was able to catch up with the thief Narel. His evasions didn't impress me - he has to die so that I will get the letter.
80 We have reached the thieves' den in the Erothin sewers.
85 I've got the letter. Now I need to return to Acorias.
86 I've got the letter. Now I need to return to Acorias.
90 End I handed the letter out to Acorias. Now all traces leading to the Sanctum are wiped out.