Nehrim:The Decisive Moment

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Quest Information

Quest Giver Triggered automatically after finishing Nehrim:Shots for Freedom. The decisive moment icon.jpg
NPCs Nehrim:Kim, Nehrim:Gabor Gaboff, Nehrim:Callisto, Nehrim:Jagal
Locations Nehrim:The Galleon, Nehrim:Ostian, Harbour, Nehrim:Ostian, Storage Cave, Nehrim:Ostian, Upper Stores, Nehrim:Palace of Ostian courtyard


After successfully firing the cannons at the Ostian tower, the Temple responded with similar attacks and the galleon is set on fire. Abandon the ship as it starts sinking and meet with Nehrim:Kim.


Destination: Storage Cave

Meet with Kim

The exact location of Nehrim:Kim is indicated by the green quest marker. Kim will be waiting for you near some boats on the shore (harbour). Kim will initiate the talk and he/she will be overjoyed that you have been successful and the plan has worked as all the guards ran to the cannon and abandoned their posts at the statue. As a result, Kim and Gabor managed to place the explosives.

To Storage Cave

Having finished speaking, Kim will ask you to follow him/her to the Storage Cave. Follow Kim as he/she leads you to Ostian, Storage Cave. Inside the Cave, Kim will lead you outside, so enter the Wooden Door to Nehrim.

Blowing up the Statue

Meet with Gabor

Once you are outside the Cave, Nehrim:Kim will lead you to the place where you'll meet with Gabor. Climb up the stairs to reach the upper quarters and follow Kim until you reach Gabor. Here you will be in a good position to blow up the statue.

Activate the Explosives

Both Gabor and Kim have prepared everything to blow up the statue. When the nearby switch is pressed, the charge is ignited. Kim has made a magical connection with the explosives, so you do not need a fuse. Simply press the trigger to explode the statue in the center of the marketplace. Having done this, you can see the statue exploding with your own eyes.

Storage Cave

After the explosion, Kim will advise you to go back to the Storage Cave and hide there until the guards have calmed down. With the statue blown up, the revolution should be at hand. This time you take the lead, so head towards the Storage Cave and enter it.


Approaching the centre of the cave you will be ambushed by The Temple's Highest Priest Nehrim:Jagal(accompanied by his Guards of Ostian) who orders his guards to cast you into a dungeon.

Defeat Jagal

Suddenly, Callisto appears out of the blue and kills Jagal's guards with one spell. In the end, Nehrim:Callisto is defeated by Jagal. Now that Nehrim:Jagal is alone, you can face him.

The quest is completed after killing Jagal.


Following Quest

Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

The Decisive Moment - MQ28
Stage End Q Journal Entry
5 Kim is waiting for me at the Ostian harbor. The fastest way there is swimming.
10 Kim was very happy to see me again. Apparently Gabor was able to set the charges. We'll go to meet him now.
50 Jagal, the Temple's highest priest, awaited us in the storage cave. But before he was able to harm us, Callisto appeared from behind and killed Jagal's soldiers. Now we have to finish Jagal. Unfortunately, Callisto died.
55 End Jagal, High Priest of the Temple, is dead. Unfortunately Callisto also died in the fight.