Nehrim:The Juggler

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The Juggler

Wanted The Juggler Icon nq00i.jpg
Location Nehrim:Cave under the Stone Circle
Reward 550 Gold pieces

The Juggler Bounty Quest


The quest information is very scarce. All that we know about the mysterious juggler is that he is being wanted and our task is to hunt him down. The Juggler's position is marked by the red marker on your map. He is located in a cave nearby Erothin, under the stone circle near the farms.


Head towards the quest marker and you will find yourself in the centre of the Stone Circle. Take a closer look at the stone in the middle of the circle, there is a hidden Trap Door to Cave under the Stone Circle. Enter the Cave. Inside you encounter numerous Bone Flayers and two Spiders. At the end of the cave there will be a room with a sleeping man (probably the Juggler). He seems unarmed and totally unaware of the danger. Try to wake him up, and you will be ambushed by another man, but this time it will be the Juggler himself. Dispatch the Juggler and your quest will update with the information that you the Juggler failed to outwit you by his surprise attack. Now you can loot both the Juggler and his sleeping companion.

Quest Journal


Cave under the Stone Circle map
Cave under the Stone Circle location

Next Bounty


  • You will loot a special mask from the Juggler.
  • Loot the sleeping man as well. He has Health Potions (exclusive, quality).