Nehrim:The Moon Sheep

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Quest Information

Quest Giver Nehrim:Archmage Vanmiria in Nehrim:Arcane Sanctum The mon ship icon.jpg
NPCs Nehrim:Archmage Vanmiria, Nehrim:Shepherd Andrusch, Nehrim:Amanda
Locations Nehrim:Arcane Sanctum, Nehrim:Andrusch's Farm, Nehrim:Amanda's Underground Cave, Nehrim:Sanctum Grotto


Speak to Nehrim:Archmage Vanmiria and ask her about "task." She will inform you that there is a Shepherd who supplies various foodstuffs to the Sanctum who is upset because his sheep are dying. She directs you to Nehrim:Andrusch's Farm to take care of the problem (check map for marker).

Part Two

Take the North road out of the Sanctum and follow it just past the Nehrim:Aeterna Camp. Andrusch's Farm is on the North side of the road. In a small stable/barn area you will see a few dead sheep. Find Nehrim:Shepherd Andrusch and speak with him. He will eventually lead you out to the sheep grazing pasture and explain that he thinks the grass the sheep are eating is being poisoned by an underground lake water source. He directs you to an entrance to a a cave with an underground lake. (Check the green marker for the location of the Cave).

Make your way through the cave until you come to the underground lake. There you will find Nehrim:Amanda. Depending on the time of day, she may be working amongst the Moon Tuber plants and may be difficult to spot. Otherwise you will probably find her eating in her small encampment. Speak to Amanda and she will explain about her Moon Tuber plants and, when questioned as to whether or not they could be poisoning the sheep, she will deny that that is possible and tell you that she believes Shepherd Andrusch is poisoning his own sheep.

At the end of this conversation you will be presented with a choice. If you accuse Amanda of poisoning the sheep, that portion of the quest will end and you will report back to Nehrim:Archmage Vanmiria to complete the quest and receive experience points and a reward. If you agree to investigate further, the quest continues.

Part Three

Investigating further: Head back up out of the cave via the exit close to Nehrim:Amanda 's encampment and make your way back to the farm. Either speak to Andrusch or head straight to the stable and begin searching for clues. To find what you need, you will need to use the ladder to access the upper portion of the stable and search in the boxes filled with corn. These are not the usual crates. They are crates that look to be filled with corn. In one of those crates you will find a bottle of poison. Find and speak to Andrusch again and confront him with the bottle of poison. He will deny he knows anything about it and accuse Amanda of planting it in his stable.

Here you are presented with another choice. If you threaten to report him, he will swear he did not poison his own sheep and beg you to reconsider. If you still maintain that you will report him, then that portion of the quest will end and you will report back to Archmage Vanmiria to complete the quest and receive experience points and a reward. If you agree to investigate further, the quest continues.

Part Four

Investigating further: Head back down into the cave and speak to Nehrim:Amanda. She maintains her innocence and reiterates that it must be Andrusch who is poisoning the sheep. The only option remaining is to search Amanda's belongings to see if she is indeed telling the truth. In her encampment, behind a wooden wall partition, there is a chest (easy lock). You can either pick this lock or pickpocket Amanda for the key if you are skilled enough to do so. Opening the chest reveals three more bottles of poison. Take the bottles of poison and confront Amanda. She will confess to planting the bottle of poison, explain her reasoning and ask you to help her.

Here you are presented with yet another set of choices. If you tell Amanda that you will report her OR if you tell her that you will lie and report Andrusch as the culprit, then this portion of the quest is finished and you will report back to Archmage Vanmiria to complete the quest and receive experience points and a reward.

If, however, in an effort to help Amanda you agree to fib and to report no one, you will report back to Archmage Vanmiria who will agree to allow Amanda access to the caves under the Sanctum. You then need to make your way back to the cave below Andrusch's Farm and tell Amamda that she can move her operation. The quest remains open and you will receive a message to visit Amanda in a few days when she has settled in the caves under the Arcane Sanctum. You may either engage in other quests or explore Nehrim or rest or wait until three days have passed and you receive the pop-up message that it is time to visit Amanda. The quest will not be completed though until you have visited Amanda in the Sanctum Grotto. The entrance to the Sanctum Grotto is located in the basement level of the Nehrim:House of the Shadow Council. Once you speak to Amanda again the quest will be completed.



  • If at any point during the quest you chose to report either Andrusch or Amanda, Archmage Vanmiria will thank you and reward you with a Mage Hood of Resistance. If you chose to report no one and help Amanda, you will receive a free bottle of Moon Tuber Potion. Amanda will explain that you can visit her every three days for another free bottle but, in my experience, there are no more free potions to be had. I have never received another free potion from her. You are able to buy more flasks of Moon Tuber Potion though.
  • The side quests The Moon Sheep and Nehrim:Team Spirit are recommended to be finished and the reward received before starting the main quest Nehrim:Into the Forsaken Country. Otherwise, you won't be able to receive the reward.
  • It is possible to trigger the quest even if Nehrim:Archmage Vanmiria is dead, it is enough to loot her body and read the note. It is not recommended to pursue the quest triggered this way since it seems impossible to finish the quest.

Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

The Moon Sheep - NQ02
Stage End Q Journal Entry
5 Vanmiria told me to help the shepherd Andrusch. Andrusch supplies the Sanctum with milk, meat and wool. Now it appears that his sheep are getting ill from an unknown source. My task is to find out more about this disease and hopefully straighten things out.
10 I talked to the unfriendly shepherd. He wants to show me the pasture.
15 Andrusch expressed a suspicion that something is poisoning the groundwater beneath the pasture, where the sheep graze and then become ill. Supposedly there is a cave somewhere near here in the bushes where I can start my investigation.
18 The woman in the cave and her poisonous tubers were responsible for the sheep getting sick. Now she is dead. I think if no one looks after the plants, they will die on their own. Best, I go back to the Sanctum and report my success.
20 In the cave, I met a woman who grows special plants to make medicine from their tubers. However, these plants poison the water down here. The woman, named Amanda, said that this cannot possibly be the cause of the sick sheep, and said that Andrusch is poisoning them himself in order to receive compensation from the Sanctum. I agreed to search Andrusch's barn for poison bottles.
25 Incredible! I actually found a poison bottle inside Andrusch's barn. I'm really curious about what he has to say about this...
30 Andrusch tried to talk his way out, but I remained adamant. He has apparently poisoned his own sheep, in order to usurp money from the Sanctum. I must report this to Vanmiria.
35 Andrusch said he was innocent. He persuaded me to have a closer look in Amanda's cave; supposedly I will find other poison bottles there which would prove that Amanda wants to slander the shepherd.
40 In Amanda's chest were several bottles of poison. Is she after all the culprit? I have to put her to the test.
41 I have reported to Andrusch, that the poison came from Amanda. He thanked me.
42 I have lied to Andrusch and claimed that I didn't find any poison in Amanda's cave.
45 When I confronted her with my discovery, Amanda admitted finally that the Moon Tubers poisoned the sheep and she tried to avert suspicion from herself with the poison bottles. Since she is a crook, I will report her to the Sanctum.
50 When I confronted her with my discovery, Amanda admitted finally that the Moon Tubers poisoned the sheep and she tried to avert the suspicion from herself with the poison bottle. However, I think the medicine that can be produced from the plants is more important than the lives of a few sheep. I will report to the Sanctum that Andrusch is a swindler, so that Amanda can remain undisturbed in the cave.
55 When I confronted her with my discovery, Amanda admitted finally that the Moon Tubers poisoned the sheep and she tried to hide the fact with the poison bottle. Nevertheless: If she produces medicine from the plants, I cannot simply tell them. Therefore, I will tell Vanmiria that the sheep had a normal illness which will soon clear up. At the same time I will ask them to let Amanda whom I have met 'by chance', work in the grotto below the Sanctum.
190* Vanmiria agreed to let Amanda in the Sanctum's Grotto. I should tell her the good news immediately.
195 Amanda thanked me for enabling her to move into the Sanctum. She told me to come visit her there, as soon as she was settled in. I will find the entrance to the grotto in the cellar of the Shadow Council's House.
196 In the meantime, Amanda should have nestled in the Sanctum's cave. I could pay a visit to her.
197 I visited Amanda in the cave below the Sanctum. She gave me a Moon Tuber potion, which she brewed from the tubers.
200** End Vanmiria congratulated me on my success and gave me a reward.