Nehrim:The Stone at the Pirates

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File:MQ36s02 - Rune Stone.jpg
The Rune Stone in the Pirate Lair

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Quest Information

Quest Giver Nobody Icon nq00b.jpg
NPCs Nobody
Locations Nehrim:The Old Pirate Fort, Nehrim:Pirate Lair


The "Jor" teleporter will send you to a remote area of Nehrim where you have to find a Rune Stone in a forgotten harbor populated by undead pirates.


The Halls of the Writings

As soon as you have found the scroll containing the rune word "Jor" in the Halls of the Writings, a journal entry will inform you that you can use it to create a portal leading to the location of the rune. Head back to the circular room in the Nehrim:Citadel of Shadows and activate the "Jor" stone. Enter and you will be teleported underwater.

The Old Pirate Fort

Dive up to the surface and you will find yourself near a burning, heavily listing ship in a bay which is enclosed by mountains (there is a trap door on the ship which cannot be opened). Make a detour to the little peninsula just north of the ship where you can find Fire Sparks (+1 Luck). The entrance to the Old Pirate Fort is located to the east. In the fort, you are attacked by Nehrim:Undead Pirates and Nehrim:Pirate Skeleton Archers. The houses all have unpickable locked doors, so make your way up the stairs and the wooden bridges. In the south you will find the entrance to the Nehrim:Pirate Lair. (Don't bother about the door in the north of the valley. Even if you're able to climb the steep hill, you won't be able to open the door at this stage of the quest.)

The Pirate Lair

First Level

Inside the Pirate Lair, you will have to make your way across a number of shabby wooden bridges. Carefully plan your jumps over the gaps to avoid falling down into the lava. Also beware of the repaired sections of the bridges, they will break apart if you stay on them for too long. One Undead Pirate and two Pirate Skeleton Archers will attack you on your way down. Eventually, you will get to a gate leading to the next level of the Pirate Lair.

Second Level

Follow the path downward which is marked by occasional stairs and fires. On your way, you have to defeat several Undead Pirates and Pirate Skeleton Archers. At the bottom of the cave, you will come to a lava lake. Carefully jump from stone to stone until you arrive at a tower ruin which contains the Rune Stone and some loot. There is a trap door in the back which you need a key for. As soon as you have taken the Rune Stone (don't be confused that the hand icon does not appear, just take it by pressing the space bar like any other item in your focus), the quest will be updated and the trap door can be opened.

Back to the Citadel of the Shadows

The trap door leads to the steep hill in the north of the Old Pirate Fort. Get back to the underwater portal which will teleport you to the Citadel of Shadows. Now you can place the Rune Stone into the stoneholder after which a final journal entry will mark the end of the quest.


  • + 2900 EP


Following Quest

Nehrim:The Task of Fathoming if you found two previous Runes.

Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

The Stone at the Pirates - MQ36s02
Stage End Q Journal Entry
5 I found one of three old scrolls in the Citadel of Shadows, which contains the rune word "Jor". With this document I can create a portal in the centre of the vault which will teleport me to one of three rune hidings. Once I have collected all three runes I am ready to start the examination of the Shadow God.
10 The next rune stone should be somewhere in this location.
45 I found the rune stone of the pirates in a cave where they had probably hidden their loot. I wonder if they know its value?
50 End I have brought the Rune that I found among the undead pirates into the citadel of shadows and aligned it properly.