Nehrim:The Stone in the Ruins

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Quest Information

Quest Giver Nobody Icon nq00b.jpg
NPCs Nobody
Locations Nehrim:Rune Temple in Nehrim:Fold Valley



+2900 EP


Following Quest

Nehrim:The Task of Fathoming if you found two previous Runes.

Quest Journal

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

The Stone in the Ruins - MQ36s01
Stage End Q Journal Entry
5 I found one of three old scrolls in the Citadel of Shadows, which contains the rune word "Kul". With this document I can create a portal in the centre of the vault that will teleport me to one of three rune hidings. Once I have collected all three runes I am ready to begin the examination of the Shadow God.
10 I've walked through the portal created with the document. It took me back to Fold Valley. Somewhere here the entry to the rune temple must be located.
45 I found the runes and can bring them back to the Citadel of Shadows.
50 End I took the rune to the Citadel of Shadows and put it on the holder correctly.