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Thank you so much for your contributions! This page is created to report any bugs, oddities etc that you come across while editing Wiki.

We are no experienced admins, however, we will try to help you any way we can! And do not worry if you accidentally mess up a page or something, as there is rollbacking and everything can be reverted :-) But we have to know about it, to do it. And no, we won't be angry , as we really appreciate your efforts to edit this Wikia. Without you, we would never have managed on our own! If you do find that some pages switch you automatically into Source Mode or some edits do not work properly, especially when editing tables, or some links are broken, do not hesitate to write here!

Known issues:

  • Removing photos from pages-- sometimes possible ony by clicking on the photo and Backspace (remove button is too far away to reach it with a mouse.
  • Add a Page (at the top of the main page) does not seem to work. However, if you are patient enough a possibility to create a New Page will appear, just move your mouse on the Add a Page and suddenly as if a link will appear. If you're not patient enough, if you want to create a Template, go here and create one :