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My personal guidelines for quest pages


  1. Breadcrumb: {{Breadcrumb|[[Enderal:Quests|]]|[[Enderal:X|]]}}, where X is the more specific quest page
  2. Main Image: This image should represent the quest as a whole.
  3. Quest Header: Omit parameters that are not used. (Don't put things like "None" or "N/A", the template handles non-used parameters just fine)
  4. Stub and/or Needs Images: Spoiler is not needed, as it is implicit that a quest page will contain spoilers for that quest and all story points that came before it.
  5. Objectives: Text copied verbatim from the game, errors and typos included. The difficulty, represented in-game as asterisks, should be replaced by [[File:Quest-Difficulty-X.png|70px]], where X is the number of asterisks.
  6. Journal Entries: Copied verbatim from the game, errors and typos included.
  7. Walkthrough: Can contain subheaders if they help separate the quest's story logically.
  8. Notes/Trivia
  9. Categories: [[Category:Enderal]] [[Category:Enderal-Quests]] [[Category:Enderal-Quests-X]], where X is the more specific quest type (Main Quest, Side Quests, Character Quests)



  • Main Image: 500px right thumb
  • Other images: 300px right thumb


The main image is always placed before the quest header, so that it stays to its right, as a main image should. For other images, they should be placed in a manner that doesn't go too much past the text itself. Consider the following placement positions, in order, falling back to the next if the images go further down the page than the text iself:

  1. Put each image right before the paragraph on the walkthrough that that image logically represents. So, an image showing Jespar dancing should come right before the paragraph that says "Jespar will dance"
  2. Put every image right after the opening of the walkthrough header, in logical order of appearance on the quest.
  3. Put the first image right after the Objectives header, the second image right after the Journal Entries header, and all the others after the Walkthrough header
  4. Put all images directly after the quest header, so that they span the entire page without pause
  5. Remove the unnecessary images and start again

Choice of Images

The main image must represent the quest as a whole. The quest Enderal:Into the Deep is all about the Living Temple, so its Main Image is a screenshot of the Living Temple. Other images should represent, in order of priority and importance:

  1. Key moments in the quest
  2. Key locations of the quest
  3. Important items for the quest

If you have too many images, start removing them in reverse order of importance.


  • Describe the image directly, don't add "An image showing...", "A screenshot of...", etc
  • Use the present continuous (Calia walking, Jespar standing)
  • Always refer to the player and the player's character in third person (For Enderal, The Prophet)
  • Always link to the relevant wiki pages, even if it has already been linked before in the article


  • Always refer to the player and the player's character as "You".
  • Use the imperative mood when referring to actions the player makes (e.g. Talk to Jespar, Activate the lever, Walk to the platform)
  • Use the future mood when referring to consequences to the player's actions (e.g. Talk to Jespar and he will tell you about his life, Activate the lever and the floor will collapse)
  • Only describe what is relevant. You don't need to document every single dialogue choice or the exact path every NPC takes to reach a destination.