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William's Diary

I have never kept a journal, but I feel the time is right.

My name is William.

Maybe not that best start, but who but me will read this here. William of Stormwend, brother of Verick. Verick, I would like to be back in our Stormwend and would brood over bills, but I'm sitting here. In a dark place, away from everything I did not value back then, and all because I was looking for adventure. You sent me little brother, the dwarfs, to their tunnels. I was supposed to buy the finest tools from them then, but what I found in the caves was insanity. That darkness, even blacker and more terrible than the night, and yet I could not part with it. The darkness was even more terrifying, and I myself became one of them. Then he came … He wrapped me in dark robes. He infected me with his blood. He sent me west. I could not fight back, I only brought death …

The rest of the page bears traces of vomit.


  • The Editor ID of this book is Dirty Diary (sic!)