Enderal:A New Beginning

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The beginning of the quest.
A New Beginning
Location(s): Enderal, Abandoned Tower, Old Dam Lookout
Prerequisite Quest: It Starts with the Dreams
Next Quest: The Void
Difficulty: EN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.png Easy

Quest Information

NPCs: Finn, Carbos


The abandoned tower.
The trap inside the tower.
The vision.
  • (Optional) Collect Mana fungi to hasten the regeneration of Mana
  • (Optional) Collect pumpkins to hasten Health regeneration
  • Find a way out of the ravine
  • Talk to the apothecarius about the fever
  • Sit by the Fire

Journal Entries

I found a way out of the derelict temple and got into a gorge - It seems as if I finally arrived in Enderal. Nevertheless I feel weird - Where do these strange abilities which I suddenly have stem from? Magic? This power? Perhaps that dream, that near-death experience which I had before waking up in the bay, is connected to all of that. In any case - I should try to find a way out of this gorge first. Then I will take it from there.


(Optional) Collect Mana fungi to hasten the regeneration of Mana

The Mana Fungi are very close to the pumpkins, but on the lower part of the hill. Two of the Fungi are under some ruins, which look like a 'gate' or a part of a ruined tunnel. When leaving the Tower after killing the Mud Elemental go down the hill and turn right and you should see the small ruins. The Mana Fungi are over there. The third part of the Fungi is behind the nearby statue.

(Optional) Collect pumpkins to hasten Health regeneration

These plants can be harvested around the area where the quest begins. These are quite visible in the landscape, as plants with pumpkins have big yellowish leaves easily noticeable from a distance.

Find a way out of the ravine

Enter the Abandoned Tower

Just below where you left the Abandoned Temple, you'll find a passageway leading into the Abandoned Tower. Be sure to use the Moon Carrot on the way to restore your health. Right in front of the first set of stairs inside the Abandoned Tower you'll find a Flame Bite (Rank I) tome. Be sure to take it.

Inside the tower you'll find a trap, activated by a plate on the ground. Be careful not to step on the plate, as it means instant death! You can use the trap to kill the troll to the right if you wish. Right in front of the trap, behind some bars, you'll find a Magical Symbol, Ambrosia and an Old Sword. Leave the tower now through the door on the left.

Find a camp with Finn

Mages may want to take the Life Absorption (Rank I) tome from the dead climber before going down. After following the river a bit more, you'll find two Apothecari, Finn and Carbos. Finn will grant you the Strange Horizons quest.

Before you can go your way, however, you are suddenly stricken by a weird fever.

Talk to the apothecarius about the fever

Simply talk with Finn, the one by the Alchemy Station, and he'll tell you to sit down while he prepares a potion for your fever. Simply look around and you will notice a chair by the fire. Interact [E] with the chair and the quest will continue.

Sit by the Fire

After sitting on the chair, the world suddenly slows down as you see the still Finn was using explode, together with a tangled mess of voices which seem to come from Finn and Carbos. Having drank the potion, however, you find out that the still simply broke, and there was no explosion.

Carbos hears some noise and, while checking it out, he is hit by an arrow. Finn, trying to help Carbos, is hit by an exploding arrow, which causes the same effect as you had seen in the vision before. The explosion throws you and Finn away, and you black out.


  • Bear in mind that you will not be able to finish the Optional Quests once you have finished the other non-optional stages.


  • It is also possible to skip entering the Abandoned Tower and have the quest completed. If you choose not to enter the Tower you may as well carefully jump off the ravine and land by the river. Going down the river you will reach Resting Place and ultimately Old Dam Lookout, which is essential for the quest completion.
  • Explore the Tower for a Magic Symbol and a Tome.
  • Collect some Knowledge Points from Finn.
  • Visit the location again when you have finished talking to Jespar Dal'Varek in the next quest as you might acquire some equipment from a Bandit.