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Arcane Fever is the name given to the fever-like symptoms resultant of magical power. As such, every arcanist has this fever, and it increases in power as restorative magic or herbs are used. It is the result of the arcanist's mind not being able to cope with the Sea of Eventualities. If not treated with some medium such as Ambrosia, it can lead to death or transformation into a feral monster.


The only theoretical way to cure the fever would be to rid an arcanist of their magical power, but so far it is not known if that is possible. As such, it is only possible to reduce the symptoms to an acceptable level. For places under the influence of The Order, every arcanist must report themselves to The Order, where they will pass through a trial called "The Journey of the Water", and then be accepted into the ranks, which will treat their fever. Arcanists who refuse that process are known as Pathless Arcanists, and they usually live in isolated arcanist communities, where more secular methods of treating the fever are used.