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|stamina = 90
|stamina = 90
|essential = Yes  
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… Do all Kiléans do their business in a pool?
… Do all Kiléans do their business in a pool?

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Dijaam Onêlys
(Ref ID: 00139DB3)
Race Kiléan Gender Female
Path Pathless Job Emissary
Essential Yes Form ID 00139D93
Location Various
EN-NPC-Dijaam Onêlys.png
Level 25 Health 550
Magicka 170 Stamina 90

… Do all Kiléans do their business in a pool?

Depends on the business, I guess.

— Dijaam OnêlysThe Shortcut

Dijaam Onêlys is a Kiléan emissary working for the Blue Islands Coalition sent to Enderal to perform the transaction of the Green Scarabeus with the Golden Sickle. She is one of the three companions that The Prophet has, albeit playing a much minor role than the other two. During the Golden Sickle questline, Dijaam is accused of hiring the Petrified to ambush the caravan carrying the Green Scarabeus, and is subsequently fired from the Coalition. She continues pursuing the idol for financial gains even after being fired.

If The Prophet sides with Dijaam in The Last Stone and later refuses to let Dijaam take the Green Scarabeus, she attacks them and is killed. If she is allowed to take the idol, Dijaam betrays The Prophet and flees to Kilé without sharing the profit. If The Prophet sides with Maél, however, Mendelus Pennypouches uses a strong Ascetic Potion to knock her unconscious, which causes permanent brain damage to Onêlys. The Prophet can then choose to either explain the situation to the Blue Islands Coalition and let her return to Kilé and regain her job there, or send her to the Tribunal to be tried for her crimes in Enderal, where she will most likely receive a death penalty.


By the Seven, what has got the people of this country in such a hurry? Wipe that uptight look off your face and come on down.

— Dijaam OnêlysThe Shortcut

Dijaam is a lighthearted but cynical person. She dislikes formalisms and often takes a more casual approach to her business, such as her meeting in the Bathhouse's pool during The Shortcut. At the same time, however, she doesn't try to “mask” her reasons: She is open about her financial motives, and wants others to also be open about it. Trying to assign any kind of greater meaning to jobs done simply for money just makes her scoff. This cynical view also extends to her relationships: To Dijaam, a job and/or financial gains are above any kind of friendship or romantic engagement, as she has no trouble betraying The Prophet during Scorpion and Lion, either attacking them or fleeing with the Green Scarabeus, even if her Sympathy with them is very high.

On a more philosophical level, Dijaam believes that anyone can achieve whatever they want if they work for it hard enough. She views the caste-like Path system assigned by The Holy Order in Enderal in a very negative light, as a simple means to keep people in their current situation and not allow them to grow. This is likely influenced by her personal past.


Instead of wallowing in self-pity or listening to the priests talk about how everything gets better once you're dead, I took responsibility for my own fate.

— Dijaam OnêlysFrom Dust to Gold

Dijaam was born to a Glimmercap Dust-addicted father and a half-witted brother, who simply accepted their simple and poor lives until the very end. Living in Kilé, where the Path system is not in place, she was able to rise from her poor status with hard work and dedication, making it all the way to Emissary of the Blue Islands Coalition.




  • Dijaam is marked with the Ghost flag, which means she won't take any damage from any source.
    • This flag is removed at the end of Scorpion and Lion if The Prophet chooses to attack Dijaam.