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Enderal includes a variety of Easter Eggs, which are intentionally put in-game jokes for the player to discover while enjoying the game.

Video Games


  • The all-present joke about an arrow to the knee can be found in a few journals or letters around Enderal :Unfortunate Travelers

Literature and Fine Arts

Lord Byron

Francisco Goya

  • A painting by the famous artist is found in many places, the first one is in the very first quest A Nice Day in Summer

Film and Television

Star Wars

  • Luke Starwalker


  • In various locations a few paintings of Godzilla adorning the walls can be found:


The SureAI

  • During the Main Quest "Forgotten Homeland, Part II Magistra Yeala asks Kurmai to translate a text for him, and he explains it means: "To the left there is Sureai, which means workshop"


  • An item, which refers to one of Enderal's composers, Marvin Kopp: Koppophon.

The Nighthawks

  • A group of minstrels playing in the Dancing Nomad at a later point in the story. Their names refer to some of the members of SureAI. Most of the names are a blend between their real names and their internet nicknames.
    • Nikolatius the Archaic One - Nicolas Samuel Lietzau
    • Mavinn Tap - Marvin Kopp
    • Maxine Banahnasplittus - Max/Bananasplit
    • Julius Sagantus - Julian/Sagantor
    • Joanis Metanoeite - Johannes Scheer/Metanoeite

The group performs the song La Suite Meurtriere from the medieval music band Vox Vulgaris

Nehrim References

Gabor Gaboff

  • Gabor Gaboff is obviously the same Gaboff the player could meet in Nehrim. He speaks with the same "russian" accent and considers himself as an artist - a Painter of the black powder.