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Golfur Silverman
Race - Gender Male
Path - Job Merchant
Essential No Form ID -
Location Ark's Marketplace
EN-NPC-Golfur Silverman.png
Level - Health -
Magicka - Stamina -
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Golfur Silverman is a stallholder in the very centre of Ark's Marketplace. He is also a secondary character in the side quest The Sole Place.When a proper dialogue option is chosen, Golfur will relate stories which are connected with the side quest The Art of Combat:
  • 1) The story of a man using two sabres in a battle, but at the sam time moving like a thief. The man was skilful in both sneaking and fighting, which means he was later regarded as an assassin.
  • 2)The story of a female farmer who was running from the city, as if striving to escape from the Black Guardian. The woman was witnessed using some arcane powers, therefore classified as a magician, taking advantage of both Entropy and Elementalism schools of magic.


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