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The high Ones, appearing before The Prophet as animals

The High Ones are beings that exist in Vyn. Unlike humans, the High Ones have been described as a "force of nature", existent in the same way as the tides or the wind, as pure energy. Together with The Cycle itself, they could be seen as the main atangonists of Enderal. The High Ones have no physical form.


Although the origin of the High Ones is not clear, they are known to reproduce through harvesting the collective consciousness of an entire civilization by initiating the Cleansing. Once a civilization is consumed, the High Ones wait for humanity to redevelop and repeat the process at a similar point in its growth. Because of its indefinite nature, it is unknown how many High Ones actually exist.


The High Ones have no physical form on Vyn and cannot directly interact with the world. Instead, they work through dreams and visions in Emissaries and short-term possession in regular people to initiate and continue the Cycle. These Emissaries, or Fleshless, are of great use to the High Ones as they can easily be manipulated due to their characteristic drives and desires. Since the beginning of humanity, the High Ones have successfully repeated the Cycle countless times, causing humanity to face the same fate in the same order every time. In this present iteration, they heavily influence the actions of Emissaries The Prophet, Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal, and Taranor Coarek to build and light the Beacon, ultimately leading to the same consequences and concluding the Cycle.

The High Ones never provide an explanation for their actions and seem to act only out of instinct.


Since the High Ones have no physical form or power on Vyn, they rely on appearances in the dreams and visions of the Emissaries. To them, the High Ones appear as red ghostly figures in the form of animals or other people.


The High Ones can be banished from the current plane of existence by lighting a Beacon with a Numinos core. It is unknown if this actually kills them. It is also unknown if the High Ones have a finite lifespan to compensate for their increasing numbers due to continuously successful cycles.