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Name Effects Weight Value ID
Aeterna Ears Restore Mana, Fortify Archery, Weakness to Frost, Fire Resistance 0.10 8 00034D31
Armillaria Weakness to Magic, Fortify Psionics, Fortify Stamina Regeneration, Fortify Carry Weight 0.25 4 0006F950
Artichoke Restore Mana, Fortify Block, Paralyze, Fortify Mana 0.50 5 0003AD61
Baldris Root Poison Damage, Damage Stamina, Slow, Weakness to Poison 0.10 4 000516C8
Bear Claw Restore Stamina, Fortify Health, Fortify One-handed, Damage Mana Regeneration 0.10 2 0006BC02
Bee Hive Husk Resist Poison, Fortify Light Armor, Fortify Sneak, Fortify Elementarism 1.00 8 000A9191
Bee Honey Comb Restore Stamina, Fortify Block, Fortify Light Armor, Damage Stamina 1.00 12 000B08C5
Bird Egg Restore Health, Fortify One-handed, Damage Stamina, Weakness to Magic 0.50 2 00023D6F
Bird Egg Restore Stamina, Fortify Lockpicking, Weakness to Poison, Shock Resistance 0.50 2 0007E8C8
Blue Butterfly Wing Restore Stamina, Fortify Entropy, Damage Mana Regeneration, Fortify Enchanting 0.10 2 000727DE
Blue Dragonfly Wing Restore Health, Fortify Pickpocket, Cure Disease, Panic 0.10 1 000E4F0C
Blue Malphas Flower Restore Health, Fortify Entropy, Fortify Health, Damage Mana Regeneration 0.10 3 00077E1C
Bone Meal Damage Stamina, Fire Resistance, Fortify Entropy, Damage Stamina 0.50 5 00034CDD
Bug Eggs Weakness to Poison, Fortify Stamina, Damage Mana, Invisibility 0.20 10 0003AD56
Butterfly Wing Restore Health, Fortify Barter, Drains Stamina, Damage Mana 0.10 3 000727E0
Carp Restore Stamina, Fortify Mana, Damage Stamina Regeneration, Water Breathing 0.25 6 00106E18
Cat Eyeball Restore Stamina, Damage Mana, Damage Mana, Restore Health 0.10 2 0006BC07
Chicken Egg Resist Magic, Damage Mana Regeneration, Water Breathing, Drains Stamina 0.50 2 00023D77
Claw Resist Magic, Mana damaged, Fortify Enchanting, Fortify Barter 0.25 20 0006B689
Crab Shell Restore Stamina, Cure Disease, Resist Poison, Fire Resistance 0.25 2 0006BC00
Date Resist Poison, Drain Mana temporary, Fortify Mentalism, Restore Mana 0.10 8 000671DE
Demon Heart Restore Health, Damage Stamina Regeneration, Damage Mana, Panic 0.50 250 0003AD5B
Dragonfruit Fire Resistance, Fortify Barter, Fortify Psionics, Fortify Two-handed 0.10 5 000889A2
Dried Firefin Fire Resistance, Fortify Light Magic, Panic, Damage Mana 0.25 15 00015C92
Dried Jagfin Weakness to Frost, Fortify Sneak, Weakness to Poison, Fortify Light Magic 0.50 15 00015C91
Dried Sunfish Shock Resistance, Fortify Mana, Damage Stamina Regeneration, Water Breathing 0.25 6 00015C93
Ectoplasm Restore Mana, Fortify Elementarism, Fortify Mana, Poison Damage 0.10 10 0003AD63
Feline Cat Teeth Restore Stamina, Fortify Heavy Armor, Fortify Handicraft, Weakness to Poison 0.10 5 0006BC04
Feathers Damage Mana, Fortify Entropy, Provoke, Weakness to Shock 0.10 10 0003AD66
Fire Salts Weakness to Frost, Fire Resistance, Restore Mana, Fortify Mana Regeneration 0.25 30 0003AD5E
Firefinch Egg Poison Damage, Fortify Lockpicking, Weakness to Poison, Shock Resistance 0.50 15 0014F587
Firefly Restore Stamina, Mana damaged, Weakness to Magic, Fortify Stamina 0.10 1 0004DA73
Fish Eggs Resist Poison, Fortify Pickpocket, Damage Health, Fortify Stamina 0.20 3 0007E8C5
Fish Scales Frost Resistance, Damage Health, Fortify Heavy Armor, Fortify Block 0.10 3 0003AD70
Flour Weakness to Magic, Frost Resistance, Restore Mana, Fortify Mana Regeneration 0.25 3 00070914
Fog Sponge Shock Resistance, Fortify Elementarism, Fortify Handicraft, Fortify Health 0.20 5 0007EE01
Frost Salts Weakness to Fire, Frost Resistance, Restore Mana, Fortify Entropy 0.25 60 0003AD5F
Garlic Resist Poison, Fortify Stamina, Fortify Mana Regeneration, Fortify Health Regeneration 0.25 1 00034D22
Ghost Wrapping Restore Stamina, Fortify Elementarism, Fortify Carry Weight, Resist Magic 0.10 2 0006BC0E
Giant Toes Damage Stamina, Fortify Health, Fortify Carry Weight, Damage Stamina Regeneration 1.00 20 0003AD64
Glimmerdust Damage Mana, Resist Magic, Weakness to Poison, Slow 0.15 10 000FE7C9
Glow Dust Damage Mana, Damage Mana Regeneration, Fortify Elementarism, Shock Resistance 0.50 20 0003AD73
Hammerbird Egg Resist Magic, Fortify Lockpicking, Weakness to Poison, Shock Resistance 0.50 15 00027D34
Hanging Moss Damage Mana, Fortify Health, Damage Mana Regeneration, Fortify One-Handed 0.25 1 00057F91
Holly Berry Fire Resistance, Fortify Enchanting, Frost Resistance, Shock Resistance 0.1 4 0001B3BD
Human Flesh Poison Damage, Paralze, Restore Mana, Fortify Sneak 0.25 1 001016B3
Human Heart Poison Damage, ?, Damage Mana Regeneration, Provoke 1 0 000B18CD