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The large machine.
The shore the player wakes up on.
Inside the Abandoned Temple.
The raised stones.
The unraised water wheel.
It Starts with the Dreams
Location(s): A Strange Place, Enderal, Abandoned Temple
Prerequisite Quest: A New Life
Next Quest: A New Beginning
Difficulty: EN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.png Very Easy

Quest Information


Creatures encountered: Mud Elemental


  • Find a way to the mainland

Journal Entries

Sirius is dead and I am alive. I write these words, but I am not sure if I am understanding them at least one bit. I am on my own. Apparently I had luck; I awoke in a bay - this has to be Enderal. I am feeling strange, feverish and weak as well as strong and... clear. As if a veil had been in front of my eyes my entire life, which was lifted now. I am also remembering a weird dream which I had before I woke up, especially the words of the veiled woman who subdued Sirus [sic.] and me in the ship: "It all begins with the dreams. Remember." I need answers. And I can find those most likely onshore.


In a Strange Place

As you wake up, you'll find yourself in A Strange Place, where you can unlock talents. Right now you have 1 memory point, so spend it now if you wish. Use the Meditation talent just given to you when you are ready to continue.

In the Wilderness

You'll find yourself on a shore. Just go South-Southwest and you'll quickly find an entrance. A text appears on-screen:

The ruin... just like in the vision.

You might take some time and explore the area. When you face the tunnel that leads you inside the Temple turn right and following one of the paths you will find a sword inside a body of a Fleshless One. Around the place you can also find some Health Potion. All of these might be of use as some Rats might attack you if you explore the area.

Abandoned Temple: level 1

As you enter the Abandoned Temple, the game will instruct you to take the learning book (Apprentice Book) at the skeleton's feet, which you should follow. The skeleton is in the very first big chamber that you enter. Take the Rune Key sitting next to the skeleton on the left, and insert it into the statue to the left of the golden door. A few stones will rise from the puddle, which you can then use to continue further into the cave.

Going left at the bifurcation will take you to a room with a few items of use for potential mages: Grounding (Rank I) tome, Scroll of Boon (Rank I), Ambrosia, and some Old Robes.

Go foward at the bifurcation to enter the next area. Right next to the flooded staircase you'll find a Longbow, some Old Iron Arrows, and a bed you rest on. As you reach the end of the area, a text appears on-screen:

The corpses and the light... they are gone.

Abandoned Temple: level 2

In the next are you'll find yourself in a room with a large machine at its center, which prompts the on-screen text:

The machine... why does it seem so... familiar?

Go down to the machine's level and exit into the final area. To your left you'll find a skeleton next to a health potion, which could be useful. Turn right and you will see a small wooden staircase that leads to a small room. Inside you'll find the valve needed to raise the water wheel, and right below it a Boon (Rank I) tome.

Going through the water wheel, you'll find yourself facing a Mud Elemental. Defeat the creature and search the body of a dead person in the middle of the room for some useful things. After that, simply leave the cave, and the quest ends.


  • Explore the area as you might find some weapons or spells that will definitely aid you when you face the final creature.
  • When you're in the room with the machine there is an Ice Claw nearby.